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Fibre Availability


I'm moving into a new house at the start of next month and I've been trying to set up the Internet knowing that it may take longer due to the coronavirus etc. 

Searching for deals on websites led me to seeing multiple deals confirming fibre and speeds I could get, yet when I go to any of these websites to set up Internet, all isps claim I cannot get fibre and my speed will be maximum 5mb which is jsut shocking and wouldn't even be worth me buying. 

Now openreach claims that the property I'm going to be staying at has FTTP and various other websites claim the same thing, yet any isp will not allow me to select fibre broadband. 

I'd call up about these problems but obviously I cannot again due to coronavirus (only taking urgent calls etc) 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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Re: Fibre Availability

Has been discussed here many times, most ISP's including BT have removed FTTP packages from order process.

If you are a key worker or vulnerable person  you may have some luck ordering over the phone, otherwise its a case of waiting.

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Re: Fibre Availability

BT are not accepting orders for FTTP installs ATM until Openreach announce they will be entering homes again.

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Re: Fibre Availability

Hi, thanks for your reply. 

So that wasn't very clear from the messages I have been receiving. Most isps have been saying that it's not available in my area, couldve just made it a lot easier for me by just specifying that due to coronavirus they're not currently coming out to install. 


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Re: Fibre Availability

If it is a new build and the ONT is already fitted and activated you will be able to order as it won't need an engineer.

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Re: Fibre Availability

Is this something that any isp could provide? I like BT but I'm not overly keen on how long the contract length is. 

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Re: Fibre Availability

BT Consumer don’t ‘own’ the ‘fibre’ in FTTP ( fibre to the premises) , they have a wholesale arrangement with the company that does, Openreach , other providers can also have a wholesale arrangement with OR if they want to,  in exactly the same was as they do with FTTC , Fibre to the cabinet ,  it’s just at the moment most of these mass market ISP’s (apart from BT) chose not to have an arrangement.

There are other ISP’s that currently offer service over Openreach’s FTTP as well as BT , they tend to be smaller, niche providers , not budget brands,  a couple of mass market ISP‘s have said they are going to start to offer service over OR FTTP, but no dates or prices yet.

As this is a BT Consumer forum, then obviously it’s unlikely you will get any discussion on the merit or demerits of other company’s, only you can decide if you want to wait for other ISP’s to belatedly start offering service over FTTP 

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Re: Fibre Availability

@iniltous  Pretty well put just one error. BT Retail (or Consumer) do not have a wholesale arrangement with Openreach, they have one with BT Wholesale. The clue is in the name.😂

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