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Fibre Box Connection Broken

I recently had an Openreach engineer visit and try to fix my Wi-Fi, as my house was not receiving broadband. After trying to fix it, he found that the connection for the fibre box that was giving my house a broadband signal was broken, and there were no spare connections coming out of the box.

He has since raised a fault on my behalf for someone to come an fix it.

Is there any way for me to track this fault? Where would this fault have been raised? Also, how long does this kind of issue normally take to fix?

The engineer that came only did so after I had made 4 appointments over the phone with customer support for an engineer to come, I've been without internet for 19 days after my activation day now.

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Re: Fibre Box Connection Broken

It could take up to a week for a replacement card to be installed in the cab.

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