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Fibre In my area

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I wish to speak to a team within BT to find out why / what can be done to get fibre on my street. I will assumed that this has been posted many times before, however I find it strange that I basically live under the exchange and do not have fibre.


The image posted above is where the exchange is and I live on the road with the red arrow. Entire road has no fibre. The road with green arrow and nearly every other road in that area has fibre, bar the one road which is the closest to the exchange.

Any idea who I could contact to get a answer for the above? 

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Re: Fibre In my area

enter your phone number if BT customer or address if not and post result

only openreach will have the information of when you are likely to get fibre

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