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Local Exchange Enabled (Guiseley Leeds) - still unable to order?

My address is LS209PX, My local exchange is enabled, but the line checkers still states not enabled. Is there anything I can do?



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Re: Local Exchange Enabled (Guiseley Leeds) - still unable to order?

Hi ptate,


your local exchange (GUISELEY/MENSTON) is accepting orders for FTTC Fibre broadband but it doesn't mean everyone can get it.

To be able to get Fibre broadband such as BT Infinity your green telephone street cabinet will also need to be upgraded with a new FTTC Street Cabinet. Not all of these street cabinets in an exchange area are upgraded. Or if your on a EO (Exchange Only) Line then the exchange needs to be FTTP/H compatible



Unfortunately BT Retail (a communication provider/ISP who operates this forum) does not have much say as to when and if you will be able to get FTTC or FTTP/H based broadband such as BT Infinity.


If the BT Wholesale Database checker doesn't meantion anything about WBC FTTC broadband for your number and/or address then it may be that your local Street Cabinet isn't currently on the Openreach Fibre Roll out plan.


You can register your interest for Fibre Broadband such as BT Infinity by going to 


Please bear in mind that in some cases it may not be possible to provide FTTC broadband in areas due to: 
• Your phone line may be connected directly to the telephone exchange and not to a local street cabinet - (Exchange Only Line [EO] )
• Your line may be too far from the local street cabinet to have a stable FTTC broadband service such as BT Infinity service.
• Your local street cabinet may not be suitable for fibre optic cables.
• We haven't yet got the council's planning permission to do the necessary work at your local street cabinet.
• Your home may not be suitable for fibre optic cables.
• Your landlord may not have agreed to the fibre infrastructure being provided in your building (for example if you live in a flat).


You can keep checking the BT Wholesale Database and BT Infinity website for the most upto date information as these are updated regularly.

The openreach When and Where website is:


Also look out for these FTTC Cabinets on/near your street/area. If you see one near your old cabinet then you maybe in luck for Fibre broadband.

fttc_cabinet_medium2 copy.jpg



**The Fibre-Optic Broadband Rollout is being managed and done by Openreach for all communication providers/ISPs.
BT Retail (a communication provider/ISP) has nothing to do with the rollout of fibre broadband.**



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Re: Infinity Checker Inconsistent

To be fair the people who post on this forum age people having problems, there are 700,000 people on infinity and its only a small percentage who are (I've got BT infinity, installation was fine and it's ran about 45 Mbps ever since.

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Re: Infinity Checker Inconsistent

@terryo wrote:

Thanks Guys. Still all very strange, as I went in this morning to check and now, according to the checker, I can have Infinity! 


The problem now is, after finding this forum and reading some of the negative posts, I don't know if I want to bother with it at all!

As geo says, I wouldn't get too bothered about the problems posted here as they are unlikely to be representative of the overall service. It's fair to say though that while BT provide a generally decent service, they join most other big companies (not only in telecoms) in too often giving p-poor support when things do go wrong.


So I would say don't go for Infinity or anything else just because it's there, but because you need it. I use the internet a lot but it's mostly low-level stuff - no gaming or media downloads. Consequently this year's upgrade to ADSL2, with an increase in bandwidth from 6.5 to 18 Mbps, made very little difference apart from snappier loading of pages. So I won't be going for Infinity when it finally arrives in this part of deepest Kent unless I have to to keep my Sports pack on BT Vision.

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Re: Infinity Checker Inconsistent

suppose the facts are that meny people dont post about how good there connection is, only when theres problems, as said theres loadssssssss of people now on some sort of fttc connection.

As for a pervious post about why one side could get it and another couldnt, in our case bt didnt know our post code exsited untill we asked about it, once they did mind by god they moved fast
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Re: BT Infinity Roll-Out Cosham exchange

looks like as of today..  the date has been pushed back to 31st March 2013. 


BT are awful.. slow.. and incompetent....  it's sad that often users know more than their engineers.... says something doesn't it?

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Re: BT Infinity Roll-Out Cosham exchange

There could be all manner of reasons why the date has changed, is that on all infinity cabs or just yours.

There could be an issue with getting the electricity connected, or the ducts feeding it or many more to mention.

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Norfolk BDUK

News at last...


Good news, but lets hope they crack on a bit quicker than is being suggested

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Re: Norfolk BDUK

I already have it luckily, off the brundall exchange. 


This seems good for people who currently have really bad speeds and I hope it comes fast for you 🙂

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How can Openreach ignore a new build with around 500 properties in Zone 2 London?

It seems crazy that the development that I live on is being completely ignored when it comes to the installation of fibre.


I can only logically think of the following reasons


1) Openreach, for some unknown reason, deem it not worth investing. (But how so? There are so many properties in a new build development that has been bought in to by working professionals. My neighbours have more money than sense with their massive sky subscriptions (give them fibre and they'll be more open to Vision))


2) The property management/developer/owner of the land is purposefully not allowing a DSLAM to be installed (anybody had any success in lobbying the people they pay their service charge to?!)


I wrote to opeanreach requesting information, and they said, with certainty, that my cabinet (LEE GREEN cabinet 62) was not in any plans. I was also suggested to contact Lewisham council and ask they fund it under the BDUK programme. I very much doubt Lewisham council will even have any allocation to do this, in comparison to a council like Surrey that is aiming for c.98% rollout.


I wouldn't mind so much, but when I walk past the houses down the street (that are also Virgin enabled, I'm not), I see they have a brand new glimmering DSLAM next to their BT cabinet. I could almost guarantee more uptake in this new build due to the sheer density of properties in the small space it occupies.


This thread isn't wholly a rant! I do have some questions:


1) Has anybody successfully lobbied their council (in an area similar to mine in terms of population and demographic) to fund fibre rollout?


2) Has anybody successfully lobbied their property management company to work with Openreach to get a DSLAM installed


3) Is the 'register your interest' option on the Openreach website effective? Are there any cases of communities getting together to do this, and then action taking place?


Obviously it is early days for fibre, and the above situations being 'successes' would take many months/years to happen, so I expect little in terms of answers. I just want some reassurance that I can escape my pathetic speed without having to move house.

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