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Re: infinity available in my street?

@fishgutt wrote:

hello i was just wondering why people in my same road can get infinity just because they live on the opposite side of the road with a one letter difference in their postcode.

There may be a more technical answer, but the obvious one is that as long as Infinity is not available to everyone there has to be a dividing line somewhere. A bit like when it's raining on you but not the bloke down the road.

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Re: infinity available in my street?

yes i understand that but their dividing line is a bit stupid as there are not many properties behind my house,for six miles.


green boxes on either end of the road as well.


how they could not hook up a few houses on one side of the road when the whole small estate i live on can get it, seems a bit preposterous to me.


anyway thanks for the answer but i was looking for a more technical one 🙂



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Re: BT Wholesale checker date given

@geo1986 wrote:

And yes, march is an estimated date but there's no reason to think it will get moved back

Not wishing to rain on your parade but from experience it most certainly will get put back, and possibly more than once.


Our Infinity street cab has been installed now for the past 3 months. Openreach are often there 'praying' to it. We initially had a RFS date of end June 2012. It was then changed to 31/12/12 ... And the cab was installed. Right up to yesterday, the RFS date was 31/12/12 and I was considering today getting the MAC to start the migration off once BT opened Infinity up for orders. Just checked and today has been changed to 31/3/13.



I can see the cab from my study window, and the predictor claims 80mbps down, which is so tempting as I struggle to get 3 at the moment. But I'm beginning to think BT are just playing at this roll-out ... Far too easy just to defer and defer. They constantly barrage me with flyers about moving to 'faster broadband', but even though the infrastructure is in (fibre blown - saw them do it, Mains connected - saw EDF there connecting the services up) BT just delay by yet another 3 months. 

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Re: Fibre Optic availability

The BT FTTC dates are a complete joke. They may as well just say 'TBC'.


My exchange (Edinburgh, Granton) was marked to be done by Sept 2012, at the start of September this changed to Dec 2012, and now it's changed to March 2013!


Come on! One change is understandable, but surely then you'd treat the delayed exchanges with upmost proirity to ensure they didn't get delayed again.


God knows what will happen when March comes around, September 2013?!?


I'm not going to be let down anymore, Virgin Media it is for me. Goodbye BT.

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Infinity Checker Inconsistent

About a month ago, my neighbour told me he had just ordered Infinity. I went onto the checker, put in my telephone number and confirmed what he had told me.


A few days later, I received a sales letter from BT letting me know that Infinity was now in my area.


Last week I called up to take advantage of this, and was told that it wasn't available on my line. Not believing what I was told, I went back onto the checker, and this time it came back saying Infinity was NOT available. My arguing fell on deaf ears. Computer says NO.


Last Friday my neighbour had his Infinity installed.


Yesterday I checked again and this time the checker came back with Infinity. Tonight, checked and NO Infinity.


Started a live chat with customer services and explained the situation. The poor advisor admitted that he did not know what to say!


Took the advice of this forum and checked the OpenReach Map, which shows my local exchange as Accepting Orders and confirmed this with the info in the PDF which says the exchange (EACHF CHAFFORD) is FTTC available Now.


So, what's with the Infinity checker? How does it work? Is it actually doing a line check, or is it just checking against a database of exchanges, telephone numbers and addresses?

Has anyone else come across this inconsistency?

Can someone tell me conclusively if I can or cannot have Infinity?

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Re: Infinity Checker Inconsistent

Your exchange is activated,and neighbour has had his/her Infinity installed,,,but he/she might not be wired to the the same cabinet as you,so even though the exchange has been updated,your cab might not yet be activated.

Not all customers are connected to the same cab [even next door],sometimes the wiring goes to a different cab,not quaranteed to even be in the same street.


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Re: Infinity Checker Inconsistent

Hi Ironman, That makes perfect sense but why would the Checker tell me on one day that I can have it, and then on another day, not?

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Re: Infinity Checker Inconsistent

I might be wrong on this,but the checker is just a BT link and might be out of step with the Openreach plans,because Openreach engineers actvate the cabs [wiring etc],and the BT Wholesale installer just does your home internal installation.

So untill the cab that you are wired to [land line] is linked to a new or excisting cab near to it,you can`t get infinity installed.

But as infinity is installed for some in your street it should be done very soon.

BTW those advert leaflets are just dropped by door to door canvassers,so it is dropped into every street door,a bit like tv adds.

 I get BT adverts inserted in all of my paper bills even infinity adverts,and I have have it already.


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Re: Infinity Checker Inconsistent

Almost 100% correct Ironman but:-


Openreach do all the installs for ISP's supplying FTTC via BT Wholesale.


All BT Wholesale does is sell the BT Openreach product to all ISP's (BT Retail included).

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Re: Infinity Checker Inconsistent

Thanks Guys. Still all very strange, as I went in this morning to check and now, according to the checker, I can have Infinity! 


The problem now is, after finding this forum and reading some of the negative posts, I don't know if I want to bother with it at all!

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