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Fibre Smarthub - WPS not working


Hi, today I have had my Fibre instal and all is going well in many areas but there are a couple of things not working out right so I shall post 2 separate questions.

I can connect using the password and all well there BUT if I try and connect my wireless HP printer via the WPS method (which has worked on every other hub "just like that") I get a WPS timeout error at the printer and the WPS button keeps on flashing.  Yes, I can turn it off in the advanced settings but I guess I am perhaps seeing this as an error but not sure whether it is something that I need to do differently OR an error with the Smarthub6?

Any ideas please let me know, thanks!

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Re: Fibre Smarthub - WPS not working

You would have been better keeping both questions in one post

smart setup turned off?

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Re: Fibre Smarthub - WPS not working

I kept them separate in case a solution came along that solved one and not the other!  Wishful thinking eh?

So I have turned off "smart setup", saved and retried both issues twice - no joy, thanks anyway!

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