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Fibre Switch Over

Can someone please explain why copper all the way to the premises is faster than fibre to the cabinet and copper to my house?

Just contacted BT to confirm my Switch Over date to be told it's not happening because copper all the way is faster than fibre/copper and if my connection is changed my speed will be slower

I always believed fibre was supposed to be faster than copper

I don't call 2.8mb fast anyway!



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Re: Fibre Switch Over

Quite simply because the speed of VDSL (Fibre to the cabinet) over the copper section deteriorates at a much faster rate than ADSL over the same distance because of the much higher frequencies it uses.

Therefore there comes a crossover point where a longer distance of ADSL is faster than a shorter distance of VDSL.



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Re: Fibre Switch Over

Thanks for the info much appreciated
Pity BT staff don't know this!
It would save misinformation being given out which has led to me buying an inappropriate broadband package
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Re: Fibre Switch Over

What speed were you quoted for your address , you should have got an individual estimate rather than the VDSL tier average, was this individual estimate better than the speed you were getting from exchange based ADSL ?, if the speed isn’t what was estimated, you cannot be held to contract , so you can go back or presumably switch provider, if it is what was estimated ( and that is slower than ADSL ) then why switch ?
What does your phone number return , perhaps you can post the result

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