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Fibre cable installation process question


I moved into a house around October and have since then an order open for BT FTTP. There currently is a copperline going the house through underground ducts but apparently that can no longer be used.

I have now had 3-4 Openreach visits and engineers tried to push the fibre cable through the exist duct but they don't seem to find where it's ending up (under floor boards... In the walls... Nobody seems to know).

The last engineer contacted Openreach and it was agreed that instead of digging a new duct (I'm only renting) a new overhead fibre cable will be run (~30 m from a nearby pole). Most houses in my street are connected via overhead cables.

Last week I saw that the status on the BT order tracker suddenly changed to "External work completed"... So I checked but there is definitely no overhead cable running to my house from the pole...

Should I be concerned? I tried to call the BT fibre installation hotline but they were not very helpful and said it just said "stage 1 completed" or something like that.

My final installation date had been brought forward from March to February (which is still ages away...) so I really don't want the engineer to show up and say "well there is no cable here..." 

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Re: Fibre cable installation process question

If they are now bringing it overhead from the pole it is no longer a 2 stage install. Everything will be done on the day by the engineer.

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