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Fibre in new home

Hi all,

I've Moved into a new house and have FTTP. The first thing I did Was run a speed test on my imac, 400mb, brilliant. I then tried it on my samsung tv and that got 38mb, quite a difference, though upload speed the same at around 60mb. I then tried my PS5 which is next to my TB, that too around 38mb.


I figured that the issue Was due to where the tv is, so I tried moving my imac next to my tv, same result.

Not sure how this could be, is the wifi antenna in a decent samsung tv and a next gen console so poor, or could it be something else?

Appreciate any advice.



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Re: Fibre in new home

I'm assuming you've dropped from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz. WiFi can be susceptible  to interference, especially on 2.4Ghz. Best to use a wired connection or have a look at powerline adapters or mesh WiFi.

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Re: Fibre in new home

WiFi on PS5 isn't much better than on PS4... As for the others, use Ethernet where possible and WiFi for stuff that doesn't eat loads of bandwidth.

Also, don't believe sync or connected speeds. We have a couple of Roku sticks and they sync at 10mbps or less but crack on with their jobs beautifully when they're actually working

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