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Re: Fibre installation fiasco

Thanks for letting me know you are not a moderator.

Unfortunately, you do not seem to hear what I am saying, so I am not sure how you can provide adequate advice. You say, for instance: "If you have already decided which Service Provider you want to use, then most of the major providers have their own user forums, and that would be a good place to start. Your current provider should be able to provide the same services as BT Retail do, as it appears they use the same Openreach network." (Your emphases in the quotation)

- I repeatedly said that I decided which provider I want to use - no reason for you to suggest otherwise;

- I repeatedly said that I am contacted by BT as if I was their customer - this is BT's forum; how could another forum help me with a problem BT has?

- I am in contact with my new provider and they help, but, again, this is BT's problem.


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