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Fibre missing for new build wainhomes development

We moved in 3 years ago now, and the development is still being built (the area around us is complete) When we moved in we were led to believe we would have fibre; the Engineer even asked us when we moved in "Do you want to be connected to copper now, or wait until the fibre is installed?" good job we didn't wait.


Multiple emails to openreach, to wainhomes, and any supporting company we could think of has just led us around in circles. Wainhomes says 'BT' didn't tell them to install fibre, Openreach says the developer didn't ask for it.

The 'when can I get fibre' page still says 'exploring solutions'. I'm sick of it. We can only get 2mb/s at the best of times, but 10 doors up, on an older street they have 30-75mb/s.

How did this happen, and what can I do about it? I feel so insignificant whenever I try to contact these companies, it seems completely futile. How can we be lied to, and not have a connection worthy of 2018, but every protest falls on deaf ears? It's disgusting.

Swanvale Wainhomes development in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Cabinet 60.

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Re: Fibre missing for new build wainhomes development

The fault lies entirely at Wainhomes doorstep. The size of the build must have led the engineer to believe that fibre would be installed. For the developer to say Openreach didn't tell them to install fibre is frankly rediculous.

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