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Fibre voice access aka BT Fibre Home Phone

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I'm interested in hearing from others who are on FVA (fibre voice access)


We're now 12 months or more from having been moved across to an early market retail product


Broadband is flawless although I opted to go with Option 1 and the 40GB per month cap to keep the cost down.  I have 2 phone lines (long story related to the install), so couldn't afford 2 lots of line rental, another broadband connection and BT Infinity uncapped


Getting any sense out of BT though when you have a problem or need to talk to anyone is however extremely painful


I had a lot of problems as a result of installation as my situation was slighlty special as I needed to keep my other broadband connection as I run a server off it


I was told this was no problem, but a few weeks later it was cut off.  I also had problems with extensions not working after installation which took 3 engineers to resolve.  Talking to BT about this wass fairly easy as I was on the Fibre Home Phone trial and had a special number to ring. 


BT placed the wrong order whcih was why the other line got disconnected.  It had a different number which I had to get linked to the other broadband connection but that was easy


They agreed to provide me with the other line free of charge.  It was not made clear this was a credit to my other BT account.  The 2 accounts were supposed to be merged but this wasn't done, so I didn't realise I wasn't paying for the 2nd line (no bills being received) and all seemed fine


I then had the other non-BT broadband connection cut off and I discovered the 2nd line wasn't being paid for


I got this sorted out and incurred costs as a result.  I was told to call to get this refunded.  I tried but spent hours getting nowhere whereas my other ISP were contacted via their ticket system and refunded the reprovisioning fee very quickly


I contacted BT to get the 2nd line on direct debit.  After about 2 hours on the phone and 5 different people, I was told this has been done.  Turns out it hadn't.  Admittedly I should have noticed sooner, but didn't.  Long hours at work, money was going out and no threatening looking letters from BT


By this time, I'd been moved off the trial onto the early market retail product and was paying for the 2nd phone line intending to cancel the 2nd line when my other ISP closed down.  I was cut off again so ended up entering a new 12 month contract as a result.  This was in November 2013


I could cancel the broadband on the 2nd line, but I'd be left paying for a phone line I wasn't then using for anything


Then, 14th April I discovered I could not make phone calls.  I was unsure about receiving calls at this point.  I don't make many calls so not sure exactly when it stopped working.  MyBT shows the last call made was 14th April and it was after that I noticed I had no dial tone


I tried to report a fault online on 15th April.  It said it could not complete the line test online giving me the message


BT Fibre Home Phone service troubleshooting

Thanks for using the fault reporting pages. Because you're on our new BT Fibre home phone service we can't yet diagnose your fault using our online system.

If the problem is with your home set-up, you might be able to fix it yourself. Check out our help site for more information.

If you've already tried to fix things yourself and now need to talk to someone then please ring 0800 456 5957


I rang the number which is the same number given in my welcome back and got a message that number was no longer in use and to redial the normal BT faults number 0800 800 151

I could only make calls from my mobile and freephone calls are not free so wasn't too happy when I then got stuck in an endless loop "checking your line".  After a while I gave up


On 17th April, I rang BT to report the fault and after a total of about 90 mins explaining everything, giving the number with the fault over and over again, being told I needed another department, getting put through to the other department starting to explain again and then getting cut off.  Rang again, explained again and was told the fault had been logged but the department I needed to speak are only there 8am - 8pm.  I asked for a call back as was unable to make calls to my mobile number.  No call back, but it was Good Friday and a bank holiday in the Uk, so I was expecting this to happen


Next I heard was a text message saying my fault had been cleared and inviting me to answer 4 questions regarding the fault.  I did answer them as I'd checked and I still had no dial tone, so fault wasn't fixed


I went online to track the fault and it was closed.  I could see 2 faults had been logged.  One for the other number without fault which was closed.  Another for broadband which was showing as cleared


I was in desperation at this point of having to ring 151 again and spending hours on the phone.  I used Contact Us to log a complaint


I had an email in reponse the next day from a someone in a UK based team apologising and explaining the fault had been logged against the wrong phone number and someone would be in contact.  I just missed that call, but there was a different 0800 number left with a PIN.  I called back on Friday 25th April and spoke to someone who advised she would find out what was happening and call me back


She called me back and left a message that she couldn't get hold of someone to find out what was happening, so had asked for someone to call me back on Saturday.  Saturday came and went and nobody called me.  I wasn't expecting anyone to call on Sunday, but they did and as it was unexpected I missed the call


I rang back Monday 28th and spoke to the person who called me on Sunday.  This was the first time I'd actually spoken to anybody about the fault on the correct number - 13 days after first discovering a problem


If it's not hours on the phone, being passed from person to person in various different departments, it's that those departments are not open and arrange a call back which then does not happen.  It really should not be like this.  It's not just like this with Fibre Home Phone.  As explained above, I've had the same with billing


I'm quite good with the voice activated ACD now in use and also know how to bypass it, but this is not the root cause


I'd find it much easier to be able to do this via an online ticket system or at least via email, at least being able to email and ask someone to call me if they need to speak to me at an arranged time


I was promised a call back on Monday which I didn't get, but at least at that point I had spoek to someone and discussed troubleshooting which I'd already followed and all else I could think of


This has caused me a lot of stress, upset, lack of concentration at work and it just completely unacceptable


I had already tried power cycling the modem and tried another phone.  After speaking to BT yesterday, they said the fault had come back as cleared and closed.  A new fault was raised and appointment booked for an engineer to come out on Friday afternoon.  Everything on the modem was in order light wise and both I and BT were at a complete loss what to try next.  Possible faulty modem and best to get engineer to come and out and check everything at this stage


I borrowed another phone from work.  Before checking again with the other phone, I decided to try power cycling again (lights off on modem completely ) and left it powered off for about 2 mins instead of 30 seconds as suggested in the troubleshooting guide


Eureka!  Dial tone back, could make calls and receive calls.  Who knows what the problem was, but it definitely was not something that was in my control


I'm relieved at it having been finally fixed and will update to BT later today and to cancel engineer visit on Friday.  It really should not have taken so long and have been so hard to get fixed.  I'm going to need counselling now as a result of all the stress (or at least a few welcome days break from work)


BTW Anyone know the best number to ring for customer retentions that gets through to someone in the Uk?  I'm looking to get the 40GB cap removed in the next few months and move to an totally unlimited package instead.  Waiting on the contract on the other line to end first so I can cancel penalty free



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Re: Fibre voice access aka BT Fibre Home Phone

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Once the Forum Mods have read your post they will post an invite here once you reply to them they will take personal ownership of the problem until resolved.
Do not send them a Personal Message as this is the incorrect contact method and cannot be properly tracked also the mod contacted may not be on shift for sometime and this will delay your help

The forum mods normally reply within 3/5 working days after you have contacted them
They will contact you personally by email or phone  



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Re: Fibre voice access aka BT Fibre Home Phone

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to upgrade your account phone options team  0800800030 - uk based

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Re: Fibre voice access aka BT Fibre Home Phone

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I put this as solved as the fault is resolved, but the issue over poor customer service is not


I rang BT again yesterday and was promised a call back today - no call back again

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Re: Fibre voice access aka BT Fibre Home Phone

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Hi Nredwood


I can have this investigated for you, maybe find out why the callback has not been kept.


Send us an email using the contact the mods link in my profile you will find it in the section 'About Me'.





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