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FibreTTP - different speeds quoted every time I call

Hi - I'm really just trying to figure out how I can find out what speeds are available to me.

Very brief history: last week, after almost 5 months of waiting, we finally got fibre to the property installed by open reach. We had been told that 900mbps would be available but are in fact on the 100/150 package.

Since then I have been told that 900 is available, that only 500 is available, that OpenReach have flicked a switch and 900 IS now available, that we can only get 150, that we can only get 300, that our speed is restricted by the type of fibre optic cable and that OpenReach have installed an old box which throttles the speed. Paranoia talking, I know, but it does feel like BT are working their way down a long list of BS.

A question which I am repeatedly asked, and which I no longer have any patience for, is WHY I want faster speeds. 

The modem is a Nokia ONT paired with BT smarthub 2.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get to the truth of the matter without having to ask BT? I am on the very brink of washing my hands of this whole sorry episode.

Thanks very much indeed



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Re: FibreTTP - different speeds quoted every time I call

Try phoning the FTTP TEAM 08005874787 and they should be able to help and clarify what is available

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Re: FibreTTP - different speeds quoted every time I call

enter your details here , your phone number is best but may not work if you are already on FTTP with DV , or have a broadband without telephony, so the address option may have to be used, post the results ( obscure your personal details ) …this should show on a wholesale level the maximum speed available, to any provider that consumes OR FTTP, the top tier is usually 1000Mb ( sold as 900Mb ) but apparently there are a few  locations limited to 330Mb, due to legacy equipment, but given you have a a Nokia ONT , you are unlikely to be on an ECI OLT.

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Re: FibreTTP - different speeds quoted every time I call

Thanks, gave that a go, ended up putting another order in for the speed upgrade. The last 4 have been auto-cancelled day of activation. I've had as many reasons for this as I've had conversations. Let's see if 5th time's s charm!

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Re: FibreTTP - different speeds quoted every time I call

Thanks, I ran a search as you suggested and this returns WBC FTTP of 1000mbps - obviously this is what the individuals I talk to are seeing when they put the order through, so I guess the main mystery is why the orders keep auto cancelling.

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Re: FibreTTP - different speeds quoted every time I call

As already suggested ( if you haven’t already done so ) contact the  BT FTTP team, I would have thought if you already have an ONT the checker should show that an ONT exists , if it doesn’t I wonder if that may be something to do with your previous orders being cancelled,  1000Mb is available, so you would imagine for you to get that speed requires little more than a change in settings in some system or other.

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