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Fifa reopened

After the other thread was closed for being counter productive I thought I would open this thread in the hope that we might get some answers from BT.


So BT, you claim the thread was counter productive? If someone from BT had taken the time to ask and answer a few questions the thread would have been a whole lot more productive. Seems you lot have plenty of time to edit and delete posts but not to be of assistant.


Was traffic routing the only thing BT looked at as a possible problem? I've stated a few times I don't believe it is a routing issue but a problem with the way incoming p2p connections are handled. I can play these games almost lag free when I limit the upload speeds of my network and when I take these limits off the lag returns. I know its not the same for all but I'm sure you know this from reading all the posts on the other thread.


 I can't remember anyone offering to look at my connection, maybe you can link me to the post where BT have offered to look at everyone's connection individually.


 The frustration we have comes from the lack of input from BT. There's only one way to fix that! Please take the time to read and answer our questions.

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Re: Fifa reopened

When and how are BT going to look at individuals connections?

You say nothing is wrong with BT but I can play on another ISP on my console and its 100% PERFECT.

Please tell me how on my connection is lagging vs other UK players who are on cable/fibre connections and is not lagging for them?


Please tell me how against some UK cable/fibre players the game starts of perfect and then switches suddenly into a laggy mess?

I agree with Seamie its got to be related to P2P connections as server based games are fine AND/OR on individual connections.

AGAIN I want some sort of schedule on what you going to do and when because this is dragging on long enough.

I have spent so much time and money trying to fix this - I even went out and bought another router just to check that out. I have been available to help BT in anyway as I just want this issue resolving.

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Re: Fifa reopened

I don't think it's a routing problem..


The fact that someone has applied some QoS settings to a router and had a lag-free experience, is a positive and good sign. It could be how these P2P games commnuicate their traffic through the routers is the problem.

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Re: Fifa reopened

Hello all,


We’ll be happy to look at your individual connections if you’re still having problems. All of you that have posted on this thread will be able to see our “Contact us” webform by clicking on my username to send in your details.


You’ll see it under my “About me” section on my profile page.


As mentioned here, there is no evidence to show there is a problem on our network and I will therefore lock this thread again.


Best wishes,



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