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File transfer to hard drive solution

Hi all thought I would share my solution to this problem I had.
Firstly I attached a 500gb HD to my USB port on the new smart hub 6. In the hub settings I could see there was a hard drive attached but I could not access it.
I found two ways of accessing this.

Firstly using a pc
On clicking the USB attached done in the smarthub I was given this address smb://api/Seagate Expansion Drive. This was my seagate hard drive. But it didn't do a great deal. I copied this address Abbs placed it into my mozilla address bar. This opened up my network folder on my pc (window 10) and from there I could access the files on the drive.
This was fone on the laptop but I wanted to access it via my phone.
I have a Samsung note 4
When I put the address in the browser nothing happened. It didnt recognise the smb:
I installed a network browser app on my phone and in the settings added the smart hub address...
Hey presto I can now view / steam my files on my phone.
I still haven't figured out yet how to remote access this but week keep working on it.

Hope this helps some of you.
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