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Final Bill which we told would be nonexistent

Hi, let me start with BT was one of the best providers out there but that stopped many years ago which i was disappointed in.

I live with my partner and her father, the account is/ was in his name and my partner's name was also on that account as 2nd contact, we recently made the switch to sky which i will now go into abit of reason as to why.

2 years ago our BT package was coming to an end and my partner Pippa called up on behalf of her father to get the best deal possible as you guys always did a better deal on the phone, so in june 2019 we had a contract taken out with you guys for 18months, all was going well and then internet started getting pretty bad last year and on and off there was issues like this that kept happening, we finally called up BT in september 2020 to ask for help and they then rebooted our connection and it worked for about a week and then went back to being inconsistent with connections through the house in which i bought an extender and it still said signal was not good  for upstairs, so we would call again and let you know and they would say it all looks fine on our end, they would tell us the issue was sky box or if you have thick walls this is the cause, now me being a person who has had many years experience working as a builder and currently an I.T Technician can say that is just laughable bull, we don't appreciate people trying to con us or fob us off with silly answers, we suggested to the person we spoke with could it be our hub as when we renewed a contract with you in june 2019 we didn't get a new hub, they said no the one you got shoukd be fine which is the hub5 i believe it is called, so we said ok, i started to look into other providors and asked friends and family there experiences and who they are with and was with.

Which brings us up to now where we are at we called up sky asked what deal they could give us, spoke to BT asked if they could sort our internet issue and they were just interested in slagging sky off, do we put the phone down and made our choice to go with sky and have them deal with switching for us from you guys to them, we had email acknowledging the leave and switch, we had a email about the final bill, we asked for an explanation for this as it was about £440+, person we spoke with said it's because your still in your contract period, sorry what contract as our contract started in june2019 and was for 18 months, person says to us no you renewed it in may 2020, sorry no we didn't, they look into it and say it was renewed online, as my partner is the only one who deals with this she clearly stated i only ever call up when we have an issue or want to renew our contract due to you guys being able to give the best deal on the phone compared to what the website says, the person then states he will put us through to someone who can help.

We get put through to someone who started off ok but then quickly decided to slag off sky, i then had to intervene the call and guide his common sense back to the matter at hand that we want to know why BTs system says we renewed a contract online in may2020 when we didn't, he looks into it and states the package wasn't different in anyway and cost more money slightly and he stated the important bit though is you didn't get a confirmation email from us about the contract to acknowledge and sign/confirm for us that you wanted the contract so it is void and therefore you won't be charged but if it does come through again that you owe that amount please give us a call at billing to sort this for you as you are not in a contract and we can't hold you to any terms or conditions and you should be paying no charges.

Which is where we are at today, yesterday the father in-law got a email or text about it he said and it has not only irritated/ stressed all of us out but we are just exhausted with BT, I'm not bad mouthing BT but since going over to sky our internet is full bars and perfect connection through the whole house on every device we have, BTs was 2 to 3 bars through the whole house, we just want the issue resolved please, my partner can call up today if you wish to talk with her about this if you have a direct nunber, we calculated it from the original date in 2019 that we are not in contract with you anymore so therefore shouldn't be looking at a bill that is £440+ it should be £0.00.


Thank you for your help

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Re: Final Bill which we told would be nonexistent


This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers. Your post here does not go to BT.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators who may offer help here, later on.

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Re: Final Bill which we told would be nonexistent

Ah ok, are you able to provide any advice on what we can do about this please.

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Re: Final Bill which we told would be nonexistent

@CHarris86 wrote:

Ah ok, are you able to provide any advice on what we can do about this please.

You could look at all of the orders on MyBT, and that should give you the details.

Bear in mind, if you are not a current BT Retail customer, then the moderators may not be able to help.

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Re: Final Bill which we told would be nonexistent

Hi @CHarris86,

I am so sorry to hear your about the experience that your partner's Father had.

Hopefully we will be able to help you the way that you want, but if we can't we can explain what options you have.

I'm going to send you a private message with some information that we need to help.



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