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Final Bills

I recently left BT to join another provider & was expecting a final bill which I knew would have charges as I had a few months to run on my present one,however when it came it was larger than I thought as I couldnt access the site to calculate it & therefore set aside money for it being on a strict budget. I therefore phoned & asked if I could set up a plan to pay it off gradually. However I was told I couldnt as it was a final bill & that to pay off what I could!! but that if I hadnt paid by September it would be sent to a Debt Collection Agency  & I would lose my E mail service. I have to say that for a firm worth what it is BT could have set up a plan as I dont think they would have gone bankrupt all for the sake of £145-20. Plus loyalty over 40 years before changing due to economic reasons doesnt count for much either. I was willing to pay  but they wanted it all at once.Only one word for that!!

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Re: Final Bills

I go along with the reply you got from @garybs29 when you raised this is June. Essentially, you entered into a financial commitment on a guess and want special treatment because your guess was not spot on. That's simply not how business works.

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Re: Final Bills

,I was quite prepared to pay and as the Gentleman said they were quite prepared to offer me a payment plan over several months until they found out it was a final bill then because they knew I would be paying them no more bills as I had changed providers that option was suddenly removed,just like offering a thirsty man a glass of water then pouring it away as I couldn't pay them for it!!I don't know of any other company who would refuse a payment plan just because the person wasn't a customer anymore but still owed them money.Thats NOT business in my book!! And like I said loyalty seems to mean NOTHING anymore!PS It will please you to know that the bill has been paid after having to borrow when I should not have had to! Let's hope you are not at a stage that I am now.No moaning,just fact!

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