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Final bill mistake



So it would appear there has been a big mistake in my final bill for when I cancelled my broadband package. It would appear an extra month has been added on and I'm now being threatened with my bill being passed onto collection agencies. I'm not willing to pay for a mistake made by someone else. Obviously right now its almost impossible to get through to anyone to talk about it. Any suggestions of contact methods? Made an online complaint a month ago but nothing has been done. Thought I found an email address and sent a lengthy email explaining everything only to find out after it's for BT shop. Any help greatly appreciated.



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Re: Final bill mistake

It appears this is not an isolated case.

Having cancelled my direct debit I was contacted and offered 3 months credit of £109.47.

I declined this and told them I still wished to cancel. I was informed fine my final bill would be ready in 7-10 days.

My March bill arrived dated 25th and was for £36.49 this was prior to the 3 months credit offer.

My BT Sport access ended 1st April 2020

Final bill has arrived today and lo and behold it is for £123.60. 

I have had £22.36 refunded for my BT Sport but have been charged for the 3 months credit, described as money refunded to you.

So everyone please be vigilant check any bills as BT will appear to try anything to rip us off.


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