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Final bill

Hi, I canceled my account with BT because of the increase in charges ( just had landline and broadband). I switched to another provider who did the switching and it happened on the 10th July 20. I was always billed on 16th of every month by BT ... I recieved an email a couple of days ago saying my final bill was ready. When I looked it said that it would be £2.10 (taken on 23rd) and that my account would be £27+ refunded . Today the full amount of £29.19 has been taken from my bank account and I still owe the £2.10 and my BT account is in credit!!! I don't understand why the full amount was taken can someone please enlighten me ?? 

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Re: Final bill

Hi @Carolineb65 ,

The problem has more than likely been caused by an overlap in bills. You should be automatically refunded in a few days after the payment was taken. BT apply for direct debits a few days before the payment date on the bill.

What date is on your final bill and was a normal bill produced a few days before by any chance?


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Re: Final bill

Hi @SpiderPig, thanks for replying . The date final bill was to be paid was on or after 23rd July  but was taken on the 16th July my usual DD date. I eventually got through to customer services on the 16th and was told after 30 mins on phone it was a mix up on their part and I would get a refund of £27.09 in 4-5 days . I disagreed with the timescale as it wasn't my fault stating that there was no need to take the full amount in the first place and that I was not prepared to wait up to 5 days when they clearly had taken the payment a week before it was due and that I would take it further if I didn't get a refund sòoner ! I was eventually told that it would be in my bank account within 48 hours,  I asked was that guaranteed and he said yes ... as of now still no refund! I think it's a disgrace especially at a time like this with so much else going on that BT thinks it's acceptable to take vulnerable peoples money when there was no need and then make them wait up to 5 days to get a refund .

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