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Finally got it admitted there is an external fault

As i posted a couple of weeks ago, much trouble with fibre speeds, some of which is due to most of the village working from home etc. 

But finally today i managed to get an external phone line test completed and it did indeed find a fault. I have to work from home at the moment as im diabetic and am considered at risk. But the resolution date given on the fault is 

Thursday 28th. i have 4 12 hour nightshifts to work from Monday night, 

I guess my question is this. is there any chance BT would escalate the response, as it does state it my affect Broadband speed ( currently only 12mb out of 45) so threfore may affect my ability to work. I know in this strange time its very busy keeping circuits up. and do appreciate the work done to even keep bandwidth for the masses of home workers.

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Re: Finally got it admitted there is an external fault

There is no way to speed up repairs via this forum. You could try calling BT on 0800.800.150 and explain your situation but I suspect that there will be little if anything that can be done due to the repairs being carried out by Openreach and that you still do have a service albeit not as fast as it could be.

You should remove the job number from your post. 

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Re: Finally got it admitted there is an external fault

Thanks. i didnt expect there would be just wondered if there was a way to escalate within BT. 

But very helpful answer.

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