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Finally ordered FF300 :-)


This time I actually phoned BT CS and spoke to a nice lady and after abit of to ing and fro ing I have ordered FF300 on Halo2 without Complete Wifi for 60p more than I am paying now for vDSL 24/6.

There is no Digital Voice for my area just yet for some reason but not really a problem.

I said I will be keeping the wifi disc (black) and paying the £30 but she went off to speak to someone and said it is £60.

I argued the point saying its mentioned here many times at £30. She asked if she could go ahead with the deal and I said only if we agree on £30 to keep the disc. All agreed and accepted.

I will return the old SH2 (no WAN), maybe it was £60 because they thought I was keeping both the hub and the disc?

I am assuming that the black disc will work with the new SH2? It should do from what I have read on here.

First date is March 25th for install though.  😞

Long wait but I can't wait! 🙂




Sorry @Keith_Beddoe , wrong forum, my bad.

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Re: Finally ordered FF300 :-)


One day you maybe moved over to Digital Voice.  Ironically BT now sell FTTP without voice, so I am not sure if this is what you have taken.  One advantage of no DV is... you don't have to use their Router if you don't want to.  If you had DV you would have to use the Smart Hub. 

Kind Regards
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Re: Finally ordered FF300 :-)



I asked about DV and she said it was not giving her the option to add it to the order.

I know that BT are supposed to be staggering the roll out so maybe they just want to get the FTTP working here first?

She did say that as soon as it is available for me that I should get an email from BT with the same phone offer, as they want to remove the copper cables as you know.

Any idea if they will still use shotgun (fibre/copper) cable for my install?




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Re: Finally ordered FF300 :-)


Have you ordered FTTP?

Hard to say what would be installed, would have to assume it's Fibre/Copper given DV is unavailable.

@Starwire maybe able to give you a better idea?

Kind Regards
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Re: Finally ordered FF300 :-)


Yes I have ordered Full Fibre 300 (300/49)

Not a problem, with or without new copper cables.

I can still use old ones and phone socket for my existing phones or new master socket in the office. Although my current DECT base has an answer machine as well which would be better served in the hall by the front door still.

Actually looking at my overhead cable now, it sags a lot compared to all the neighbours and it moves a lot in the wind.

I'll have a word with the installer in March!    🙂