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Find out when my cabinet will go live for fibre

I'm moving soon to an area that is served by an exchange accepting orders for fibre. However, the area I am in has not been enabled for fibre, and I will only be able to get speeds of between 1-3.5 Mb/s on an ADSL line. Is there a way of finding out when the cabinet in the area will go live for fibre?



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Re: Find out when my cabinet will go live for fibre

Hi CC4581,


The Openreach Superfast Fibre Broadband Scheme is being rolled out, done and managed by Openreach for ALL ISPs/CPs so BT Retail (a communication provider/ISP whom operates this forum) does not have much say as to when and if you will be able to get fibre broadband (FTTC or FTTP or equivalent) as that is up-to Openreach (and your local authority if you're in a BDUK fibre intervention area)


1) you can check the BTWholesale database here: if you don't know the landline number of the property then you can try the addess version here:

Please copy and paste the info though delete the building address or number before posting.


2) What exchange is the property on? You can either go to the BT Wholesale database ( ) or samknow website ( ) to find out 


**The Commercial Fibre-Optic Broadband Rollout is being managed and done by Openreach for all communication providers/ISPs. The BDUK fibre broadband schemes are managed by Openreach along with your local authority.BT Retail (a communication provider/ISP) has nothing to do with the rollout of fibre broadband.**

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