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Re: Finding my cabinet

There's more to it than just powering it up. Check out the link in my sig.

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Re: Finding my cabinet

Well Infinity checker says 31st Dec (changed about 4 times now) BT wholesale checker says something else : "Your cabinet is planned to have WBC FTTC by 31st December 2011. Our test also indicates that your line currently supports a fibre technology with an estimated WBC FTTC Broadband where consumers have received downstream line speed of 37Mbps and upstream line speed of 8.2Mbps." It's weird, first it says it's planning on have it enabled and then it says it already has it enabled. ???
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Re: Finding my cabinet

I'm on the Bishop Auckland exchange and on my previous address I could get 76mb, I even tried Bridge Street near the river which is the closest address I can get Infinity which still shows good speeds but once you get into Toronto no Infinity at all and noone can tell me when or if I'll ever get this. I live in a new build house so very surprised BT haven't upgraded the cabinet(s) up here 😞
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Re: Finding my cabinet

I live in a new build estate and only 1 out of the 4 cabinets have been enabled. What's odd is that it's the one that's furthest from the exchange and the ducting has to pass the other 3 to get to it!
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Re: Finding my cabinet

Same here, I live on a new estate and also dont have Infinity cabinets.. I dont understand why they would not put them in to begin with? Who can we pester guys about this?

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Re: Finding my cabinet

I'm also on a new build estate which doesn't have cabinets equipped for Infinity.  At a loss to understand why BT didn't put them in when they had the chance.  


And I mean "new build" literally, as my house was only finished in March.

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Re: Finding my cabinet

Hi, please could someone tell me which cab I am connected to and if it will be fibre enabled on 30th sep, my postcode is ba21 4lj, number is ************ as I know my postcode has to cabs 🙂

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Re: Finding my cabinet

You know, that's not necessarily a bad thing - it's much easier to connect the other cabinets in the future now, easier than it would have been if they just ran the fiber to the first.

My guess is they are seeing what the take up is like, and can then bring the other cabinets online in the future.
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Re: Finding my cabinet

I just stumbled on this having spent months tracking Inifnity in Toronto.


In Jan, the checker on the website said estimated date of 31/03/13. I was quite excited when the new cabinet was installed last week, thinking this would be the last thing to do before we finally got the service here.


I spoke to BT today as the date dissapeared from the site - NO plans to roll out in the next six months and having checked on Openreach the date is now 31/03/14.


How we can have an infinity cabinet put here, then not get the service for another 13 months is beyond me! Really frustrating!!! 


I guess at least we will be getting it - Virgin would never pay the money to cable here given the small population, so I guess its just a waiting game. 

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Re: Finding my cabinet

I think this a FAQ and there is the following answer:

A: Deploying fibre cabinets is a complex engineering challenge, which involves not only provision of fibre, but availability of power connections, planning consent for the cabinet itself in some cases, road closures, traffic management permissions and space within our duct network to make the necessary connections.

In a small number of cases we encounter problems which can delay the cabinet by several quarters, and take time to resolve; in the vast majority of cases these are caused by power provision and local planning permission. We work closely with the power companies and local authorities to minimise such delays.

In order to avoid repeatedly delaying these cabinets, we have moved their due dates to the end of our commercial programme to reduce multiple changes to the likely activation date. We will continue to seek solutions for these cabinets and where possible will activate them before the end date given.

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