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Fingers Crossed still waiting for the app

After a disastrous experience with BT vision a few years ago I now refuse to even try it again so I want to watch the sport channels on my ipad and my laptop. Does anyone know when the app is out. Please BT you must have spent a small fortune on the marketing I keep my fingers crossed and hope its delivery is as good. Don't let this turn into another feature/app that ends up on the shelf.... Digital vault... Dead! BT Openzone app... Broken! BT email .... Dated! Fingers crossed!
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Fingers Crossed still waiting for the app

As said in other posts 1 august

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Re: Fingers Crossed still waiting for the app

Thanks did read it further down. I will leave judgement until after the launch day. The only thing that worries me is that Sky and Virgin are so slick and BT have given them a **bleep** nose ... If they don't deliver the others will rub their hands and mop up the customers. Taking other services with them .... I for one will shop around if not delivered right... For the lot...
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