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Fire Stick help (on HH5)!!!

I've lost my fire stick remote and I've been using the app on my phone - all was fine, but now the fire stick randomly won't connect to the wifi.


It switches on and says 'Loading Home...'  then it tells me 'Network Connection Lost' which is clearly fine when there are 3 others people in the house online and at least one of them is watching Netflix.


All my other devices e.g. Roku boxes, laptops, phones, Chromecasts, etc. have no problems connecting.


The fire stick is new (purchased in October last year).  I already spoke to Amazon who couldn't help me as I forgot the fire stick is registered to the person who first set it up for me and loaded Kodi onto it (since I can't remember the guys name, I have no chance of finding his email address).


I've been reading online and I've tried restarting both the hub (I have the HH5) and the fire stick several times in various orders.


I also checked and Smart Setup is already off on the hub.


Any help is very much appreciated.

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