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Firmware update of "wi-fi home hotspot 500"... what a trial

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Hi guys,

I have a "wi-fi home hotspot 500" and at least twice a day the connection drops.

I thought that updating the firmware would have sorted out the issue but... it doesn't seem an easy task at all.

I downloaded and installed the "BT Device Configuration Tool" but when I launch the program, do devices are displayed in this toll so my "wi-fi home hotspot 500" is not listed even if the laptop is connected via wifi to it.

I launched the tool as administrator and no changes; I run the tool in compatibility mode (considering I'm using Win 10) and no success with the compatibility mode of win 8 or Win 7.

I rang the help desk and after 15 minutes (!) of waiting someone answered and after just 5 secs the line ... dropped?

I rang again and after 10 minutes of waiting an operator suggested to reset the device and to try to use the  "BT Device Configuration Tool" again.

Once I reset the device, no wifi is configured so I tried to use the  "BT Device Configuration Tool" connecting the laptop to the device via Ethernet cable and ... nothing, no device displayed/found in the tool.

I paired again the device and I tried with "BT Device Configuration Tool" (via wifi and via ethernet) and... nothing.

What a nightmare 😥

Any suggestions or solutions please??

Thank you very much for your time

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Re: Firmware update of "wi-fi home hotspot 500"... what a trial

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The config tool is just to help you find the IP address of the Hotspot 500. Alternatively you can check the device list on your router and find the BT Home Hotspot listed. Once you find its IP you can just enter this into a browser and log in.

Newer versions of firmware allow you to access the config pages by entering http://mybtdevice.home if you are connected to the Hotspot.


Hope this helps! 


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Re: Firmware update of "wi-fi home hotspot 500"... what a trial

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Thank you very much,

this is a brilliant answer!

I now have 2 curiosities... why is this solution not clearly given in the BT webpages??

In addition, why did the operator suggested me just to reset the device??

Anyway, at the end you sorted out my issue 🙂

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