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First Day of Infinity ...

Well ten minutes after the BT engineer left today, all was looking good, and then my modem started to sync, and sync, and sync.  I've taken this opportunity to make a post while I actually have an Internet connection.


I know the BT guy said it may take ten days to "settle down" but do new connections really suffer this much syncing?  or could it be the noise that I now have on the line after the BT guy did his work - nice job!

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Re: First Day of Infinity ...

If you have noise on the line,then it would definately make your modem have trouble holding a sync level.

You need to report a noisy line and get it fixed,[but do not mention broadband,just say that your phone line is noisy].

But do a silent noise test first to confirm that it is noisy.

And I agree,the engineer should have noticed it if he did a test to the cab from your master socket.?


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Re: First Day of Infinity ...

Yes he did a test alright, but the noisy line is intermittent so he may have missed it.  It can be silent and then have a complete fit for a couple of minutes.  I don't see any deterioration of speed, it just conks out and the DSL LED starts flashing away.

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Re: First Day of Infinity ...

thats a pretty severe deterioration in speed from something to nothing
you dont have to wait 10 days to report a voice fault
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Re: First Day of Infinity ...

I have also noticed that by using my telephone I can pretyy much get the DSL light flashing.  Starting to wonder if it is a faulty master socket or poor wiring in the master.

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Re: First Day of Infinity ...

Could be a fault anywhere in the network from your home to the cab. You need an engineer's visit.
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