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First Impressions - Infinity Installed 10th March

 Well so far I'm impressed (was originally on standard ADSL service synching at 3.4/0.8 on a 4.6km line).


HH3 delivered 2 days in advance as promised, so took the opportunity to have a play with it. Ok it's crippled but overall seems quite a nice bit of kit. Would be nice if the ADSL & ethernet connections could be configured with diffferent UNs so  you could use a standard ADSL line on another ISP as a auto backup just in case.


Morning of installation BTOR engineer called me at around 11:00 to say that he was just about to start work and that if I was doing anything online that my exisiting BB would be cut off in around 10 minutes.


11:30, knock at the door. 1 BTOR engineer, his apprentice and a trainer.


Took the coffee & tea orders before showing them to my bedroom.


New faceplate fitted , boy is it a brick!!


Line stats checked and confirmed as matching those they had taken at the cab (approx 500m away), first pleasant surprise synching around 10mbs higher DS & 2mbs higher on the US than had been estimated when the order was placed


Hook up the VDSL modem to the line & the HH3, run a quick speedtest (from an ethernet conencted netbook)  , 38.5 down, 8.2 up ping 11ms  and check out a few of my more usual websiites. Happy days.


Further speedtests show:


Ethernet GigE connected 36-38 down  / 7-8 up ping 11 - 21

Ethernet 10/100 connected 36-38 down  / 7-8 up ping 11 - 21

Wireless N connected 35-37 down / 6-7 up  ping 16-29

Wireless G connected 20-25 down / 5-6 up ping 23-33


Ok so I am the only person on my Cab connected to FTTC, be interesting to see how those figures change as more of the villagers come on board , and no I'm not going to shout to them about it , I like my one to oe contention lol


So what have I noticed since then?


P2P seems throttled right back in the evenings but I have no issues with that, it's what I expected. Overnight/weekend downloads are swift enough.


General http/ftp downloading at any time excellent


Streaming videos, loverly



Pity that you can't get any line stats of the VDSL modem especially as the vanilla Huawei HG612 has a web GUI & wireless, again an example of something being crippled for the sheer **bleep** of it. Going to pickj the brains of one of my colleagues who use to work for Huawei & see if there's anything can be done there. I have tried hooking a laptop directly to it to see if I get assigned an IP and then try browsing to the default gatweway but it looks as though the DHCP server has been turned off as well.


I would have thought its acting in the same way as a cable modem does on NTL/Virgin/Whatever they're called this week whereby the router (in thiis case the HH3) WAN interface gets a public IP but the modem acts as a transparent bridge accesible on a private ip range (10.*.*.* ,  172..*.*.* or 192..*.*.* ) for configuration.



And just in case anyones wondering yes I have worked for NTL & I do work for an LLU provider (also doing EAD/EFM, leased lines etc) but no it's not BT ;o)




DISCLAIMER: although I work in the industry I do not work for BT and any opinions given are purely my own.
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Re: First Impressions - Infinity Installed 10th March

Thanks for this post Panman1964 I've recently received my MAC code from O2, but am waiting until Friday before placing my order otherwise O2 wish to charge me £20 for early termination and I don't wish to give them the satisfaction.


With regards to specificity the Openreach Modem, I've read that the router maintains a connection via PPPoE so some seem to state that if you connect via PPPoE and Linux that you are able to see the connection sync speed. Personally speaking I don't know how true this is and am currently unable to test it out myself.

BT Infinity (EASTF) 58.93/15.94 Mbps [IP Profile: 60.8/20 Mbps] using Openreach Modem & Billion BiPAC 7800N

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Re: First Impressions - Infinity Installed 10th March

Glad your happy with your install,I too had the first connection to the cab and was seeing those kind of speeds but now four months later my dl is about the same as the checker estimated 30mb,and my upload is the same at 8.4 and my latency is around 15-18 and it's very stable too so i'm very happy too but would be interested to see if your speed is the same in a few months time.
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Re: First Impressions - Infinity Installed 10th March

Hi Panman, How far are you from your FTTC cabinet?

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Re: First Impressions - Infinity Installed 10th March

around 500m
DISCLAIMER: although I work in the industry I do not work for BT and any opinions given are purely my own.
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