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First day on new contract and a fault on the line....unbelievable coincidence

I never normally bother writing in these forums but wanted to vent my frustrations somewhere after spending hours on the phone to BT and bascially getting no where.


Have been a BT phone customer for quite a few years and decided to move the broadband to BT in order to get the BT sport channel. The first day that my service was meant to switch providers the phone line is totally dead and obviously no broadband. When I spoke to someone, having spent ages on hold, they tested the line and found a fault. I told them how this happening on the same day as we changed contracts is a coincidence that I fail to accept. They basically said that it was a coincidence and it could take up to a week to fix. I live on a farm and therefore use the phone and internet for work and also have very limited mobile phone reception. If I had known we would have this issue when we changed contracts I'm not sure I would have bothered. We will see how this plays out from now but whilst each individual I spoke to seemed to understand and appreciate my position I basically got no where and on the first day of a new contract with BT I am left deeply unimpressed with the service.

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Re: First day on new contract and a fault on the line....unbelievable coincidence

Hi michaelpearce84,


Sorry to see you're having some problems switching your broadband over to us.  I can help you sort this out from here.  To get in touch, click on the "about me" section of my profile where you'll see the link to "contact the mods".


Thanks a million,



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