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Flagged messages folder disappeared


Since the latest upgrade/changes I have found the flagged messages folder has disappeared!

I used this feature as it was very helpful.  I would flag messages that i needed to come back to and they all appeared in a single folder, above My Folders, but this has now gone and so have all the messages I wanted to come back.  Is there anyway to recover this folder and the contents that was in it?

I have flagged new messages, but they do not appear in a folder now, so its more difficult to find them.  Can I recreate the above very useful function again, as it is definitively needed and i hope this functionality has not gone.


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Re: Flagged messages folder disappeared

You would need to create a "Flagged" folder and move your flagged emails to it.

In case you were not aware and it may help, you can click on the Flag Icon in the menu bar above your email list and it will bring all your flagged emails to the top of the list.

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