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Flaky Broadband possibly down to electrical storms

For several months I have problems with dropouts in my BB,I have had 5 engineers visiting,replacement homehub and I thought things were sorted but over the past few days the same problem has reappeared.Phone line fine,no noise,connection speed fine but each time I try to stream using different devices the stream fails.Homehub light chages to orange and then back to blue and this error message appears in the technical log:  WAN connection WAN3_INTERNET_ATM_0_38 disconnected.[ERROR_NO_CARRIER].

How likely is this current fault to be caused by an electrical storm and anyone know if there's a solution?

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Re: Flaky Broadband possibly down to electrical storms

I too currently have this error message appearing. My brand new Smart Hub was installed on Saturday just before a long electrical storm and there were 5 "drop outs" which didn't affect speed or snr. There have been a couple more during the week. My line is hopefully being upgraded to fibre today but I am wondering if these messages are due to the hub being more compatible for a fibre connection than adsl. With the old HH3A I never saw any of these messages and usually only sufferred from the 14 day reboot.

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Re: Flaky Broadband possibly down to electrical storms

I previously had the HomeHub5 which generated different entries in the log,it had to be be replaced as it was too unreliable.The event log generated pages of entries each day and I suspect the log became completely overwhelmed and simply gave up the will to continue.Sadly nobody anywhere seems to have the answer or if they do they don't want to share it.So far tonight I haven't lost connection,hope it stays that way.

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