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FlashPlayer Scam

I am getting this message popping up saying I need to refresh my flash player.


When I google the message I am told it is a scam and it is down to routers being hacked.


The advice I am given is to set the router back to factory defualt. I have a Home Hub 3


I do not believe I have changed anything excpet my password


Is this safe to do and has any one else had this issue


Many Thanks



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Re: FlashPlayer Scam

resetting back to factory settings is perfectly safe just all passwords are back to those that came with hub


not seen any posts like your about flashplayer

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Re: FlashPlayer Scam

If you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and you have it set to notify you when there are updates you will get a pop up box telling you that it needs to be upgraded. If that is the case then it is safe to click on it and allow it to update.


If you want to check if you have Flash Player installed you need to go to Start > Contol Panel > and you should see Flash Player there. Double click on it and it will bring up the Settings Manager. If you go to the Advance tab you will see the "Change Update Settings". Change it to what suits you.


See link about Adobe Flash Player


EDIT: You should not update Flash Player if a website tells you to or if an email tells you to. Only do it via the above method or by going directly to the Adobe website.

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Re: FlashPlayer Scam

Just got a genuine notification to update this morning.

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Re: FlashPlayer Scam

Adobe Flash Player does need updating regularly - it is known for being buggy, with serious security flaws being found in it regularly.


I have never heard of anybody successfully hacking any Home Hub from outside the user's own network.  The Hubs are very well locked down by BT.

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