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Forced to buy a landline for FTTP product

Hello, When i bought the FTTP product, i was told i had to have a bt landline also.


but the services are not linked in any way and no one even came round to my house to install a landline and I am paying for it.


(I was previously a virgin media customer)


anyway, why does BT charge me for a landline on my 330mbps fttp service? I dont even have a phoen or know where to plug one in!

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Re: Forced to buy a landline for FTTP product


You plug it in to the TEL1 socket on the Openreach ONT.

If its a new build, then the builders should have provided a phone socket nearby, and a cable to connect the TEL1 socket to the phone socket.


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Re: Forced to buy a landline for FTTP product

If you are familiar with VM’s pricing structure, then you will know that there is barely a difference in price between VM phone and broadband and stand alone VM broadband , so if you didn’t have to pay for a ‘phone line’ , but the price of a FTTP broadband only product remained the same price as FTTP broadband with a phone service , would you be happier not having to pay for something you don’t want , even though you were paying the same amount ?

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Re: Forced to buy a landline for FTTP product



Actually i paid  less for my 300mbps fibre from virgin media for internet only without TV/Phoneline.

If the price was the same then i would rather have a service than not have one.


the thing is VM's 300 service has higher latancy, more contention and is less reliable than fttp.


Ultimately, I would rather pay less overall and have just the services that I need. Why does BT not give a discount for FTTP without a phone line?

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Re: Forced to buy a landline for FTTP product

Currently looking at VM’s site , standalone BB is more expensive than a bundle of phone and BB, so if your FTTP provider followed that marketing strategy you could well pay more for FTTP with no phone service, than FTTP with a phone service

Its naive to think if a company misleadingly  says  (when it comes to ADSL/VDSL ) , line and broadband £25*, line rental £20*, suggesting that if it were not for the line , then broadband would be £5* a month. *Figures are examples only

No doubt , ‘naked’ broadband ( FTTP and FTTC ) will become available , but don’t expect it to be much different in price to phone and BB  combined


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