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Forum links -

On this forum the link to all areas on the forum only has a tiny fraction of the bottom half of the text selectable (see red bordered, blue shaded areas in image), which means that unlike almost all other webpage links, it requires an unituitive degree of precision to point and click to the link. In other words, it's not big and it's not clever. Could the webmasters make it behave like normal, so that anywhere in the text is 'hot'?


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Re: Forum links -

Hi mr_cj_knight,


Which browser do you use? There seems to be different experiences with different browsers - I get the same as you whilst using Chrome (although it has never really occurred to me before) whereas on Internet Explorer the entire text acts as a hyperlink. This hasn't been flagged to us before but is something we can look into if it's causing hassle for you, if you could provide the name and specific version of browser you use.

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Re: Forum links -

on firefox it is the same as the poster says, only the bottom part of the link is clickable

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Re: Forum links -

Sorry for not responding sooner. You asked about browsers which exhibited this behaviour. Thanks for looking into this.


In Google Chrome 28.0.1500.72 m, Chrome Canary Build, Opera 12.50 internal, Firefox 21.0 and Maxthon 4.0, this behaviour is apparent, and only in Internet Explorer 11 does the  whole block of text act as a live link. This is under Windows 8. All the browsers other than IE handle the link area in exactly the same way, and I cannot say I have seen it on any other site.


I tend not to use IE because it is the most widely exploited, and less often updated browser (I would not use Safari at all for that reason), and use browsers which conform with HTML standards more closely than the idiosyncratic, slow, USA-biassed and less useful (from my POV) Microsoft offering. I therefore am happier with stable development  or beta builds of the other major browsers - If one does not work for any reason, I have the others to fall back upon.


I have Chrome and Firefox open at the moment, and they are behaving differently on parts of this line at the top of this thread:


BTCare Community Forums/Forum Guidance/Guidance & Ideas/Re: Forum links -/


BTCare Community Forums/Forum Guidance behave as I have described, with only the underline area acting as a live link, but


Guidance & Ideas/Re: Forum links - behave as they should with the whole of the text area live..


I imagine that there is some irregularity in the Javascript that creates these links.

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