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Forums close soon - Don't forget

Hi Friends,


"Some of you will have been members of our old forums and may have some posts that you wish to refer back to.  As we stated before we moved to these new forums they are still going to be available as 'read only' until the 26th of February."


Lots of valuable information will be lost so if you believe other users will benefit from any of the threads don't forget to ask the mods to transfer them to the new forums.



Why do upgrades always come with a downgrade
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Re: Forums close soon - Don't forget

Thanks Neil,


If anyone spots something they wish to keep let us know at





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Re: Forums close soon - Don't forget

In terms of the old Anywhere forum, it is impossible to fillet out what the important ones were, because every issue was important to that user, and there were so many variants on the Q and the issue. 


True, the same Q was asked many times, often in different ways.  The only way to retain the usefulness of that forum is to devise a way for users to access it, once it is kaput, which BT have indicated they are not going to do.


The only resource on the forum available then as such, will be the memory of the current and ex-710/620 users.

The c/s in Newcastle are always on form and the two James' will be spending all day watching Australian soaps on TV etc now they have formally left the forum.



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Re: Forums close soon - Don't forget

As an occasional user to the old forums it was a bit of a surprise to find everything was closed and these forums were now being used.

The cynic in me wonders at the reason why - have a good clear out, clear out old problems, old criticism, old users.

AQ is totally right - a half-hearted attempt at migrating some of the old posts across doesn't save the huge amount of valuable information in the old forum.


To be honest, a vendor hosted forum has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

An independent forum is the best thing since the vendor can't shut it down and hide the problems.

I remember the old days of NTL World when NTL bought the main independent NTLHell forum and then shut it down.

Let's see what happens.....

Oh, related to another hot topic, anyone who gets excited about user ratings needs to get out more.

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Re: Forums close soon - Don't forget

NTLHELL took me back to my previous radicalism.


then BTBBA Forum.


now we are tightly ringfenced in this BTCare goulag.


If I "disappear" tomorrow, can someone look after my gal and Snowy for me.

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Re: Forums close soon - Don't forget

Before the old Anywhere forum closes, I've got to say this infairness to all who contributed to it. I remember before the two James' started posting officially as forum moderators, the many many Q's that were asked on that forum that we sorted out and answered for ourselves, often by trial error, comparing notes, comparing the circumstances of the issues involved. I dont think any one of us knew everything, but together, we could (and did) sort most things. The two J's were an added bonus, and they joined that collaborative relationship between customers in mastering the phone, and the BT software, along with colleagues at Newcastle. That forum contains hundreds of hours of work, trial, and experiment by some users who are still with us, and some who are not here. But it was a most substantial undertaking by all concerned. I appreciate the sentiment of "save what you think is important" invitation, the fact is, it is all important (except perhaps for a long-running soap opera between GD and er, me, just before Christmas). Q's and issues were raised at one time that were met with a deathly silence from Bt; probably because they knew then less than collectively, we, the customers did. While there are ever BT customers out there using a 620/710, that forum will be needed for the resource it contains. It cannot be abridged any more than you could say "here are the 20 things you need to do to be a safe motorist." I do not have the confidence to say I could contribute to every issue about those two phones without that forum. Other 'old-timers' might agree, others might disagree. The moderators of this present forum might like to ask that Q of themselves, rhetorically, and I say that with the utmost respect. Surely, there must be a way that it can still be accessed after meltdown day? And not only accessed, but for the user to know how the access the probable answer to the Q in hand. I was still discovering new issues the last day of my Bt contract about BTBBA, and still am now as a forum member. So, with courtesy and respect to all who read this, I say again, is there not some way it could be both retained, and used? Our local supermarket regularly posts over its shelves, "Once its gone, its gone". Rant-ette over.
"Welcome to Royston Vasey - You'll never leave."

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Re: Forums close soon - Don't forget

Succinctly put AQ.  Makes me have the feeling of one of the Alchemists.


Shall we march on Jarrow or the like to "Save Our Forum"?

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Re: Forums close soon - Don't forget

Nah! Theres no Tetleys or Sam Smiths up there! 


But I tell you what, theres an issue live at the moment with Stormbringer about wi-fi availability signatures where I'm checking out his issue via that forum, which my memory only contains the brush-strokes and not the detail of, and jumping to about 15 different threads from an 18 month timespan.  This is a perfect 'live' example of what I mean.


"Welcome to Royston Vasey - You'll never leave."

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Re: Forums close soon - Don't forget

Why can't we access the old forums now?

The link Kerry gave us in Announcements takes us here


It's not time yet (26 Feb).


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Re: Forums close soon - Don't forget



The link works for me. I get this


Did you choose the same log in details for this forum and the old forum?


If so I can see why you get the wrong link. If you try to log in to the old forums (with the same id and password) while you are logged in here then you will get diverted.

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