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Forward same ports to multiple devices?

My brother and I were attempting to play Forza Horizon 2 together online, but could never connect to the same game. I contacted Xbox Support, who were useless, and basically just went with the cop-out answer about our NAT type being wrong... Still I had a look on our Xboxes and it would seem that the fact that I forwarded ports to my Xbox is what gave it an Open NAT type, and my brother's Xbox without the ports forwarded to it was set as strict.


So, I want to forward the same ports to both Xboxes at once so that both consoles have an open NAT type. Problem is, it appears to be impossible, becuase each port can only be assigned to one device at a time. Now I don't really understand the theory behind port forwarding, but this seems like a serious limitation...


I've opened up the firewall on the homehub but it's still Strict NAT. Is there another level of firewall I can open up? Can BT provide multiple external IP addresses? Maybe the issue is that the game server sees that we both have the same IP so it refuses one of us? Maybe I need to use a VPN on one of the consoles? That'll be expensive...


Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: Forward same ports to multiple devices?

You cannot forward the same port to more than one device. Normally you would rely on uPnP to open and close the ports as required, and not use port forwarding at all. This can give varying results.

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Re: Forward same ports to multiple devices?

You can't get multiple IP addresses on BT.


Port forwarding can only work to one device at a time.  All messages on the internet will have an IP address and a port number - the two are intended to produce a unique combination that identifies both a particular computer and what service you want to access on that computer.


The Home Hub normally blocks all incoming messages unless they are a response to a request that was recently sent out by one of your devices.  However, you can set up port forwarding to say that messages addressed to a specific port should be routed to one device on your home network.  You can't do two, because the Hub simply wouldn't know which device to send the message on to.

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