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Fox Channel disapppears at noon everyday

Only worked this out because I record Fox at 11-12 and 12-1pm.   The 11pm programme records but the noon programme kept failiing.  


Anyway, have sat and watched the TV while it does it and it seems at Noon every day the Fox Channel suddenyl stops - screen goes blank,  and I get Channel not set up message and asks if I would like to set up this channel now.


If I say yes I would, it then takes me to the screen to subscribe to Fox HD.     As I dont have or want to subscribe to HD I click Ok to return.   No Fox channel again for a while.  (Im waiting to see how long it takes before it rectifies itself and comes back on - which it usually does on its own.



If I go back to the channel and try to watch it  at this point I get error  IPC6023


It sounds like at Noon, the Fox Channel standard switches to HD version for some reason??  and then switches back later.

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Re: Fox Channel disapppears at noon everyday

How interesting! I too have a regular recording set up for the FOX SD channel,but at 16:00 hours Monday to Friday. At least once each week the recording fails because it has tried to record the HD channel, which I do not have, and further is excluded from the channel guide. Weird!

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