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Free BT upgrade offer - that costs more!

I currently have an ADSL 2+ service from BT, which I accepted as it was offered free on my BT line which is a backup to Virgin Media.

Today I received a letter from BT offering a free upgrade to Superfast Fibre.  This is a personalised offer as the letter quotes my BT account number.

When I go to the link provided this states that BT is moving people off the old copper network to fibre and this offer is free.

When I proceed I am told the offer is not available and there is an alternative, and then I am told this will be £2.50 a month more.

It also goes on to say that after 18 months my cost will rise to £52 a month - which is over double current costs.

This sounds like a misleading offer.  The web link the letter referes to clear states no increase in cost.

Anyone from BT able to confirm the details of this so call free offer?

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Re: Free BT upgrade offer - that costs more!

can you enter your bt number here and post results  remember delete number

the big increase after contract expiry is normal as all your initial discount will have ended.  you can recontract at that time and negotiate a new deal and new discount back to nearer your existing cost - this is normal

you can also try phoning options team and see what they of you 0800800030

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