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Free gift xbox

Hi there,


a few months ago I asked Bt for a free Xbox as part of there rewards for new customer and since I was already an existing customer I wanted to ask if I could request one. So after a few weeks waiting for an email of the dispatch I got in contact with them and they reversed what they said and said I never got told I was getting an Xbox because I wasn’t eligible. They couldn’t find any live and they said I don’t have any proof (screenshots/transcripts) and if I didn’t have anything they couldn’t do anything! I really knew I asked for one and they comfimrmex that it was coming within five days which I plead and told bt. Anyway, I was looking through my pictures and found this live chat of the confirmation on live chat that they told me it was going to be dispatched and they told me if I had the screenshot they would look into it as they didn’t believe me. Is there anything they can do as I was not happy they didn’t believe me.


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Re: Free gift xbox

How did you renew your contract ? If it was online it would be listed during the order journey if you qualify, if it was by phone then a recording will be stored and can be reviewed, It will depend what was agreed when you entered into the contract with BT, not what was said after.

If after renewing you were provided the wrong information, then feedback will be given to that advisor, it won't change your eligibility though.

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Re: Free gift xbox

Hi @Mariposaeterry I think we already investigated this matter for you previously and at that time you could not find this information. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we will be happy to look into this again for you.


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Re: Free gift xbox

Hi there John,


yes sorry, I had no idea I had a screenshot of the live chat! Thank you very much John 

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