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Free x box

I wonder if anyone can help. I went live with broadband, phone, tv package on the 14th Feb. I had an e mail about waiting 28 days etc but have had no e mail about the free x box gift.

I appreciate at the moment there are much more important issues to resolve, so no problem if not able to assist. Just curious if it is something that anybody has experienced lately. 

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Re: Free x box


If you are a new customer to BT you become eligible for the gift after 14 days have passed but it can take up to 28 days after that and possibly longer with the current crisis, for the email to be sent to you so you can claim your Xbox from the BT Shop, who will then dispatch it.

Unfortunately its not going to be possible at this time, for the forum moderators, who are the only BT employees on this forum, to investigate these promotions, as they are dealing with priority welfare escalations only.

You can try ringing BT Billing on 0800 800 150

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Re: Free x box

Thanks Keith but dont really want to ring just now, as I'm sure they are more urgent queries that need resolving.
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