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FreeSports HD

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FreeSports is available via Freeview for some of the country in SD, but is available in HD via Virgin Media and from the 19th July Sky, also in HD.

There is quite a bit of content available on FreeSports that interests me (Ice Hockey for one, although I realise I am a minority!), but I don't quite have enough signal strength to pick up the SD version.

As it will soon be available in HD on both of the two other major pay TV platforms, is there any chance the HD version will be coming to BT TV as part of the sport pack?

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Re: FreeSports HD

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FreeSports HD has now gone live on Sky and is also available on Freesat.

Any danger of this coming to BT TV as part of the sports pack?

Just 75% of the country can get the SD version via Freeview and that's only if the wind blows in the right direction! 🤣

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Re: FreeSports HD

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Feel like I am talking to myself in this thread but just in case anyone else is interested, Freesports has launched a new player today which is available on the web, App Store now and Google Play in the next 24 hours.

You need to sign up for a free account here: 

According to their Twitter feed you can cast to a Chromecast, or to an Apple TV via AirPlay (I've tested this and it is working), and the stream is 720p HD (web actually looks like it goes up to 1080p).

Content available is live (excludes GAA) and on demand.

While I would still like to see this channel in HD on BT TV, I'll mark it as solved because this player does help me get my hockey fix in HD.

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Re: FreeSports HD

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Handy tip for getting best quality stream on Chromecast Gen 3/Ultra. Using Chrome on your PC start the stream on the web player. Now cast the tab to your chromecast and your 1080p (& 50 FPS?) Should carry through 🙂