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Freeola dial up

Wonder if anyone can help.
I have quite a lot of web sites hosted by Freeola/Getdotted which offers "free" hosting if you dial in to their 0845 number and then do your FTPing. This has worked fine for many years.
However I've just moved house and changed phone/broadband provider from VirginMedia to BT. Since moving house, I've only managed to connect twice using my dial up modem but otherwise I just keep getting the error message 678 which says "the remote computer did not respond". I've tried dialling via the PC and via the laptop. BT is charging me for each of these calls so I know they are going through, and I can hear the modem sounds after it has dialled the 0845 number (handshake sounds?). It just seems that the Freeola server is not responding, it seems to hang up on me - any ideas whether this is something to do with my BT line?
I have multiple domains with Freeola and don't really want to upgrade to their other hosting package which would run to 50 quid a year for each one when a lot of the domains don't need much updating.
At the weekend I will be back in my previous house and will take the laptop and modem. If it works from there, then maybe that would prove the problem is linked to the BT line here.
I've tried all the obvious things (disabling firewall, antivirus, reinstalling modem drivers, etc.) as suggested by Freeola Support. Can't work out what could have changed from the 2 brief times when I successfully got an FTP connection and the other 50 times when I've not been able to connect!
I'm using a StarTech USB v.92 56 K data/fax modem and Windows 10.
Thanks for any suggestions. Otherwise I will just have to bite the bullet and change hosting.

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