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Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

I had an original t1000 youview box which had no problems with the HD channels. Then last year I got a new  T2100 box and tried it for a while but suffered pixelation problems, but only on the HD channels. I gave up and returned to using the older box. When the software update was rolled out a few months ago I thought I would try the T2100 again.


It still had the same problem, it would appear fine especially when being woken up from a full sleep, but gradually the screen will go black for brief periods, then the picture will start to pixelate on and off, getting progressively worse until un watchable.


Having read various threads on here and other forums, I know this is not just me, but no-one seems to post back if they do find a solution that works.


So far I have


Used a new aerial

Moved the aerial from the loft to a roof mount

New Coax cables

Amplified the signal

Attenuated the signal

Tried a different T2100 box

Tried a TV of a different make

Different shielded wall sockets

New Fly leads

Different HDMI input sockets on the TV

Playing around with the coax socket on the back of the T2100

Factory reset of T2100


and several others things that I have forgotten


net result apart from wasting several days and some of my cash, same situation as last year.


I can't bear the thought of ringing India, and wasting more of my life with someone reading from a script asking me to to do things that I have already done, before arriving at the standard solution i.e. "We will need to arrange for an engineer to visit ( which will probably not actually happen) and you will be charged if..."


Since we mainly watch Freesat using the TV's inbuilt decoder, I only really use the youview for recording, but it would be nice to do it in HD. Does anyone have a solution/suggestion other than going back to the older youview box?



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Re: Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

Is it all HD channels, or just channels like BBC News HD, BBC Four HD, 4seven HD?

I ask because those HD channels are broadcast at lower power than BBC One HD etc. And not from all transmitters.

What does the reception prediction from digital U.K. Say for your location?

And there is a possibility you might be suffering 4G interference.
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Re: Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

it could be a problem with 4G mobile telephone interferrence, I got a leaflet through the door the other day. Check out...


Apparently 4G uses the same frequency range as the old anaolgue TV signals and since freeview hardware never had to deal with filtering out 4G signals before then there could be issues. Are you particularly near to a phone mast ? Worth a try, since it seems you tried every thing else and I think they'll send you a filter for free. 


p.s. I bet if you tell the Indians that the box wont power up, they will send you a new one... worked for me when my router died 🙂


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Re: Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

I forgot to say that I'm using the Mendip transmitter and DigitalUK predicts 100%, including the BBCB HD mux. The problem is certainly seen on BBC 1, 2 and ITV HD channels I don't watch enough CBBC to comment on that! The fact that the old style larger youview box doesn't have any issue, suggests to me that the problem lies with the t2100, just don't know where.


I have used a loft distribution amp with a 4G filter and the problem is the same with that as it is with a direct aerial connection, and again the older t1000 box does not suffer.


The HD mux is the highest frequency used by Mendip, so possibly more prone to interference, but again why does the older box not suffer?


I have tried a different t2100 and had the same issue and I did see a post that someone had the same issues with an Ultra HD box.The fact that it normally takes some time to manifest itself after being woken up from standby made me think was possibly due to heat build up.  


Does any one with tech knowledge know if the two box's handle the HD signal in a different way?


Still old and baffled.



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Re: Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

hmm, interesting one ! So  if you select the HD channel in question and go to the signal strength option what does it say ?


If it's related to the box type, then I'd demand BT to send you a 1TB DTR4000 😉

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Re: Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

Depending on if I use a masthead amp or attenuate the signal I can get a signal strength between 30 and 100% and the quality is 100%. Around 30% strength the quality will start to drop. When the problem starts the signal will drop to zero for a few seconds with a blank (black) screen, the signal then reappears at the same strength, might fluctuate by a couple of % and the pixelation starts. I thought about getting the ultra box but certainly don't want to pay for it then find I still have the same problem.

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Re: Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

I wouldn't stress about Freeview, Freesat picture quality is generally better any way hence why I still use my 2009 Humax Foxsat box for all FTV recording.


My thinking is that the BT box is mainly for IP deliverd content which I've paid extra above the license fee.


I installed an 8 output LNB on my (old) Sky dish which currently feeds 2x TV's and the PVR, pretty cheap from ebay etc. 

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Re: Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

Hi @backdraftuk,


Thanks for posting. I thnk you've done as much as possible at your end so we'll get this looked into for you. Can you please send me over your details? You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.





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Re: Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

In my case this is a problem with the T2100 youview box! Not my new aerial, giving too strong/weak a signal, etc. At yet more expense I got an Ultra Box t4000. Result no pixelation, so t1000 box and t4000 work but t2100 doesn't. I doubt my situation is unique but on my evidence it would seem there is a design problem or software issue with the t2100 box. I wish I hadn't listened to "India" and tried this solution in the first place.



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Re: Freeview HD Channels Pixelation is there a solution

Anot her false dawn, same problems now happening with t4000 box. So Frustrated! 

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