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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

Beware that cancelling or "freezing" / "pausing" a BT Sport subscription may result in you being forced onto one of the new packages if and when you come to resubscribe / re-activate it.

If you are currently on a good deal then need to balance the possible loss of that against there being no live sport on at the moment.

What BT could do is offer some descent "as live" reruns of sports events from their archive but I suspect that broadcast rights restrictions will put a kibosh on the really good stuff. Not to mention that BT Sport is a relative youngster and does not have an archive that goes back that far. My personal favourite would be for a complete rerun of the 2005 Ashes but that depends on C4 or whoever holds the rights agreeing.

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BT Sport

Hi - are BT suspending payments for BT Sport (as Sky TV are)? I can't get through on the phone numbers provided and can't see anything online.

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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

Utter disgrace of BT Sport not to give people a payment holiday option. They've many loyal customers and they're just taking money off them for nothing. Even Sky have bowed to pressure and allowed us to pause our Sports subscription.


Sort it out BT!

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Re: BT Sport

See yesterday's announcement by BT.  It  raised the possibility of compensation in the event of cancellations but no further detail as yet.

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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

I agree, it is not right. In the current climate people are off work on SSP, struggling to pay mortgage/gas and know, the essential bills. What we don't need to be doing is paying bloody BT for a service they can't even provide. Tempted to just cancel my direct debit and get a black mark against my name than pay these cowboys. Making money out of a terrible situation. Disgusting! 

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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

The only reason I have BT Sports is to watch Premiership Rugby Union. Without this there is very little that I find of interest.

So, what am I paying for now? BT should bite the bullet and follow Sky's lead and allow a payment "holiday" until normal service is resumed.


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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

They won't freeze subscriptions. They are a bunch of crooks as a company and will happily take everything all of us have.

At a time when the whole world is anxious and trying to get things sorted, especially finances, companies like BT can retreat behind their carefully constructed barriers that continue to maximise their income, even during the worst crises.

For example and in relation to your question, I tried to cancel my BT Sport subscription online today. Surprise surprise, you cannot do that and online chat doesn't work for cancellations. So you have to call them.

I've been on the line now for two hours waiting to get through. I just get a repeated message telling me how busy they are. Of course, they're busy - they are deliberately driving customers to call them ,to limit the number of people who eventually can cancel.

I tried to complain but of course you can only do that by phoning! Or writing to them. A telecoms company!

By which time, they'll have taken another payment from me and probably millions of others. An absolute disgrace. 


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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

Just to advise when I eventually spoke to them I was offered one month free so if you keep hanging on you should get the same offer

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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

If that works for you, great and well done for hanging on. I gave up after 2 hours.

But I (probably along with other customers) need to cancel the ongoing subscription as my income is reduced. People can take out a new subscription online but can't cancel. That tells us everything we need to know about BT's attitude.

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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

If you search around online for another major company people are complaining about exactly the same so it's not just BT's attitude

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