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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

Read a comment on line where a guy contacted BT to ask for a pause in payments. BT operator asked why? The guy said, because there no live sport on for which I subscribed and am happy to pay for. BT said, it's not our fault there's no live sport!

No, it's not your fault that all sport is on hold BT, it's not ours either. It is your 'fault' charging for something you cannot deliver though. And dont give me the repeats argument, I wouldnt pay to watch repeat sports thank you very much.

Sort it out BT. You're losing goodwill by the day and I dare say, customer will vote with their feet once out of contract.


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Re: Cancelled BT Sport but still have to give 30 days notice

Good for you. They didn't offer me anything. And considering the situation and that most people sign up to watch live sport, then waiving the notice would be a really good customer service decision, which they haven't made.

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Re: Want to cancel BT sports

This is 100 % the case, they will not answer the call, do you think I am imagining it.
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Re: Want to cancel BT sports

Richie is clearly a BT employee so will defend them regardless of the situation. I manage a charity call centre. Despite the current situation we are still able to answer 97% of our calls within 3 minutes. I would imagine BT have much better systems in place than ours, so the argument that they don’t have resource is frankly nonsense. They have little desire to answer because they don’t want people to cancel. It’s ridiculous. Sky have offered customers the chance to pause they’re sports package and BT should do the same. 

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Re: Want to cancel BT sports

I have posted this on another thread but incase you have not see it.

This may or may not be relevant but keep in mind that a pause of your sports package could throw its end date out of sync with your broadband package end date.

This could mean that when your broadband package comes to an end you will still have some months to run on your sports package which would mean you having to either re-contract your broadband package or lose the months remaining on your Sports package if you decide to move to another ISP.

You need to get it clarified if BT go down that route what will happen in that instance.

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Re: Want to cancel BT sports


BT could keep it as simple as it is on Sky. Your sports sub is 'paused', you continue to get the sports channels free, and once live sport returns you return to the price you were paying pre-virus (offers/deals continue). The good thing is contract lengths are kept running together. 

eg. if Sky Sports is 'free' for 3 months  and pre-pause you had say 6 months of your contract left to run you would now be down to 3 months left. It's simple as Sky still provide the channels after 'pause' which enables the scenario I mention.

Over to you BT 😁

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Re: Want to cancel BT sports


I agree it should be simple but as with all things BT it never is hence why I said to clarify with BT what any pause would mean.

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BT sport package

Will we continue to be charged for BT sport despite there being no sporting events currently

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Re: Cancelling sport package

Well they are doing their best not answer any calls. Fed up.... 

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Re: BT Sport

I have been trying to find out about this too, sent message three days ago but no reply, although they claim to reply within 24 hours. still waiting for them to answer my call now, I've been waiting over 10 minutes so far. I think they are trying to avoid this issue.
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