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BT Sports

How do i cancel or at least pause my BT sports?

Impossible to chat online, impossible to talk to anybody (waiting time far too long, gave up once after 30 minutes on the phone!)

Impossible to cancel/pause online

At least sky as been a lot better about sky sports, no payment taken until sports is resume

Why cant BT do that?

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BT sport cancellation if deaf and can’t use phone

Hi I’m trying to find out if you can cancel /pause BT sport on line , as my father is deaf so cannot use the phone to do it and they won’t let me do it for him on the phone ..thanks

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BT Sport

Sky have paused my sports package in these hard times every little counts and I also have BT sports for my son who is on the minimum wage I wonder if BT have thought of this?

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Re: BT Sport

Hi Everyone,

We understand this is a difficult time for our customers. This is a rapidly evolving situation and we’re working very hard with other departments to make sure we’re giving our customers the help they need.

The latest information on BT Sport is available here and it’s being updated regularly. Keep an eye on that page for any updates to the situation and we’ll let you know if we get any updates on being able to pause your subscription too. We’re sorry for the wait time when trying to get through to speak to someone. Our call centres are struggling because of Covid-19 and our priority is to look after our vulnerable customers.

We’ve also announced some recent changes on Twitter to our broadband usage policy, as well as our call policy for landline-only customers

I have merged a number of BT Sports threads onto this thread so that we can keep everyone's comments together. It will also make it easier for us to provide updates if and when we have one.



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BT sport

 Are we to pause our subscription payment whilst there is no live sport? I only subscribe to sport and no other channels.

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Re: BT and coronavirus (Covid-19)

It's the principle that matters here. When you sign up to a contract there is an expectation that you will continue to receive the service. In this case, there is virtually zero live sport which was an expectation when contract was started.  So, Bt should allow ALL subscribers an option to pause without any 'tie-ins' to ongoing contract terms, free of any charges.  If that means losing 3 months or whatever of sport at contract end is irrelevant as subscribers will have already been reimbursed by the 'pause' period. SKY are showing the way and BT needs to follow. 

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Re: BT and coronavirus (Covid-19)

Hopefully BT will not reduce the bit rate or quality for streamed video services. Can we have an assurance please?

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Re: Want to cancel BT sports

Dont see the point in Sky & BT having nn option to downgrade your package when it doesnt work then !!.
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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

They should.
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Re: Want to cancel BT sports

And cant get through
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