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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

I got in touch with BT Sport via the live chat option on Thursday to ask about being charged for subscription while there's no sport and didn't have to wait too long before getting through to an advisor, the chat option is so much quicker than phoning up. My account us being credited for April which has been confirmed by email - definitely worth doing and it takes hardly any time at all

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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

Online chat got me £6 off my next bill... but I’ve got a good discount from previous issues already... so not bad.

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Pause BT Sport on Sky

Hi, just signed up to the forum to try and get help in pausing BT Sports. I dont have a flexible package , so cant choose alternative viewing  as I signed up for BT Sport on SKY. I cant tell if I am still in contract or not from my account page either. Any suggestions please... tried looking on the thread about it but cant follow the links... 😞 Thank you 

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Re: Pause BT Sport on Sky

Oh I get it now.. you only have the option to phone them ... another few hours on teh phne then 😞

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Re: BT Sport

I haven't been able to find Live Chat, Can you point me in the right direction please?
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Re: BT Sport

It only seems to appear as an option if it's available at that time for that particular area.  For example, not this minute in TV or Sport  but it does appear for Mobile.



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Re: Cancelled BT Sport but still have to give 30 days notice

hi I have exactly the same issue. Why should we continue to pay for this when no one has fresh information to share. if anyone has anything to share with me can you  please explain how to cancel. The webchat seems to have been removed due to excessive demand. i wasted 45-50 minutes today trying on speak to the help team.



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BT Sports subscription suspension

As there is no live sport for the foreseeable future can BT suspend the sports subscription until the resumption of live sports?

SKY Sports has offered this to their customers so would like to hear from BT if they propose to do the same.


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Re: BT Sports subscription suspension

Hear hear why are we still paying for this! 

 Sky has paused their subscription

 come on BT - catch up or backdate our charges 

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Re: Cancelled BT Sport but still have to give 30 days notice


LMFAO, yes, because I didnt sign up to 'live' action Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League games which BT used as a hook to get people to sign up. Sorry but what planet are you on? You think people signed up to watch repeats or non live sports on BT?!

Look, I dont care if BT Sport pause the payments or credit customers with payment. Im not getting what I signed up with BT Sport. And that's primarily live football.

If BT decides not to give me what I consider reasonable then, at the end of the contract I'll terminate BT Sport and then they'll lose more than just customer goodwill.

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