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Re: Cancelled BT Sport but still have to give 30 days notice

Technically they don't have to do anything as it's in the terms & conditions that content can change at any time. They are offering 1 months credit now if you get in touch though

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Re: Cancelled BT Sport but still have to give 30 days notice

LOL. How to influence people to vote with their feet.

BT Sport should remember it is said to be 6 times harder to get new customers compared to retained customers. So if BT Sport dont pull their finger out, they're going to have to work 6 times harder (in fact after this fiasco, I think they'll find it will be more than 6 times!) to find a replacement customer to fill my billing void.

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Bt sports cancellation

I have been trying to get through to bt for three days to cancel my sports package

anyone have any luck getting through 

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Re: Bt sports cancellation

This seems to be the most relevant thread followed by this.

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Pausing BT Sport subscription due to coronavirus


Reference your email stating "Our main priority is helping all our customers get through this difficult time."  How do I go about pausing my BT Sport subscription please ?

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Re: BT Sport


See yesterday's announcement by BT.  It  raised the possibility of compensation in the event of cancellations but no further detail as yet.

Hi @Longshanks0511 ,

Many thanks for that .  I wish I had found it before I asked questions elsewhere. 

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Re: Pausing BT Sport subscription due to coronavirus

You don't, basically BT don't give t**s about their customers, Sky have done the decent thing and allowed customers to pause Sky Sports but BT are still charging even though they are no longer boardcasting live sport. OFCOM(?) should really tell BT to stop charging for a service they can no longer supply, if BT's excuse is they still have to pay Premiership clubs then just stop paying them, I doubt players on £100K+ a week will starve if they don't get paid for a few months.

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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

Do you know if this is the case? Really hard to try and speak with anyone at BT. It doesn't even appear you can email them!!

If I'm honest should be automatic in this time of crisis.

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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

BT live chat optionBT live chat optionThe “My BT” app should have live chat option

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Re: Freeze payment for BT Sport

Does the live chat move around i.e. it is sometimes broadband, sometimes sport etc.  I got through to live chat yesterday in 3 minutes. Great I thought except the advisor I got was from technical support and couldn’t or wouldn’t discuss my sport package.   Constantly told me to call.

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