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Frequent Connection Dropouts, Always Same Pattern - Root Cause Anyone?

Brief history: new property; new Infinity connection since Aug-14; frequent loss of connection events since Nov-14 Pattern always the same - connection is lost (from laptop or other device, some wifi, some wired, makes no difference), followed (30s later) by HH5 going from 'Blue' to Green, then flashing Green, then Blue, then Orange, then flashing Orange, then Orange, then back to Blue. Each outage 3-5 mins, sometimes longer; sometimes several a day; some days no outages. Have tried changing DSL filter, no effect. Help Desk latest effort is to send through another HH5, but I have not swapped it yet as the one I have was new in Aug-14 and has latest firmware, and I wonder whether it is really the problem. Help Desk seem uninterested in looking at/monitoring the HH5 Event Log. I have now installed the 'RouterStatsHub5A' software ( which gives graphical overview of situation, but can anyone out there take a look at my HH5 Event Log and do some root cause analysis?
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Re: Frequent Connection Dropouts, Always Same Pattern - Root Cause Anyone?

I would find the graphs for noise margin and attenuation more interesting than the event log, but I recommend you swap the router.
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