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Frequent disconnections

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My broadband keeps disconnecting at random times. It disconnects up to 20 times a day and on Wednesday morning was down for about 5 hours. I rang BT and an engineer was supposed to come around on Friday but phoned on Friday afternoon to cancel, now will not come till Wednesday morning. I have tried plugging in to the test socket and also tried 2 different Homehubs plus a BT business hub but all suffer the same problems. I have also changed the filters. Previous to these problems the router would stay connected for days.

An engineer called on Sunday morning. He did some line checks and changed the master socket and also checked the extension wiring.
He said that the line was now stable!
Unfortunately the problem still remains and the router as lost sync 12 times in the 7 hours since he left.
I rang BT wholesale again on Monday and arranged another engineer visit for Tuesday morning.
Latest update.
Engineer never showed up and no call to let us know he wasn't coming.
Rang BT wholesale who are now trying to chase up what as happened.
He did say that a note had been left on our account but I've no idea what the note was.
The disconnections continue and I'm now getting a bit angry at the service I am receiving.
Two failed visits, waiting in for no one to show is very frustrating.
Latest log of disconnections.
Type Date/Time Event Description
WRN2010-06-09T12:07:57+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-06-15T19:47:54+01:00vrsip:  SIP PIPE -383479151 usec
WRN2010-06-19T10:28:58+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-01T22:44:26+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-01T22:51:40+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-01T23:46:33+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T00:04:11+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T00:29:11+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T00:46:07+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T01:05:43+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T01:57:25+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T02:33:22+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T02:40:40+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T02:57:29+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T03:18:58+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T08:41:52+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T12:38:40+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T12:43:02+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T13:14:44+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T15:35:47+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T16:07:49+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T18:17:38+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T18:38:09+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T19:07:42+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T19:27:37+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T20:04:40+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T20:35:07+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T20:52:09+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T21:32:40+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T21:55:24+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-02T23:06:35+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T00:42:21+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T01:01:58+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T01:22:13+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T02:54:09+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T06:33:06+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T07:27:57+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T08:35:06+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T10:19:39+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T13:19:14+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
WRN2010-08-03T14:08:52+01:00vrsip:  Broadband connection lost
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Re: Frequent disconnections

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How goes it Red? ... hope your ok.


Does quiet line test pick up any noise?


17070 option 2,


A radio tuned to 612MW will show potential rein problems...


Gather your still using the old business router?

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Re: Frequent disconnections

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Hi Roger.

The quiet line test just had a slight hiss.

As for the radio that station is the best I've tuned in to.

Here's the playlist,


"Don't Speak" by No Doubt.

"Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode

 Bjork - "It's oh so quiet

 Coldplay, "A Whisper"

Smiley Happy


Just a gentle hiss even with the volume full up.


Going to try plugging it into the test socket again later but don't think it will make any difference.

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Re: Frequent disconnections

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What's margin at?


Is it dropping night, day or both?


Is phone dropping bb out?

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Re: Frequent disconnections

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Margins at 15db

Drops at anytime during the day or night.

The router is showing lots of errors as well.


General Information

DSL Line (Wire Pair):Line 1 (inner pair)
Downstream Rate Cap:8128 kbps
Downstream Atten. at 300kHz:50.0 dB
Uncancelled Echo:-14.4 dBOk
VCXO Frequency Offset:-3.8 ppmOk
Final Rx Gain:32.1 dBOk
Impulse Noise Comp. Tones:0Ok
Excessive Impulse Noise:0Ok
Impulse noise protection:0.65
Delay of latency path:4.00 ms

Training History

 Downstream Upstream
TimeLine RateMax1Max2Max3Mgn1Mgn2AttnPwrCRCsFECsINPDLY RateMaxMgnAttnPwrCRCsFECs ModeVendorStateExit CodeEchoVCXORx GainINC Tones
2010/08/02 21:35:22 BST1 00000. UnknownAlcatel18/15ERR_STATE_TIMEOUT0.0-120.025.80
2010/08/02 21:55:24 BST1 422442483552355215. 44888418.031.511.93022 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-14.6-3.932.10
2010/08/02 23:06:35 BST1 419242083536353615. 44888819.031.511.93019 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-13.6-3.632.10
2010/08/03 00:42:21 BST1 425642843604360415. 44889219.031.511.93429 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-14.7-3.332.10
2010/08/03 01:01:58 BST1 425642643588358815. 44888419.031.511.93237 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-13.2-3.432.10
2010/08/03 01:22:13 BST1 416041883556355615. 44888019.031.511.92336 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-15.3-3.332.10
2010/08/03 02:54:08 BST1 425642763636363615. 44888819.031.511.92531 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-13.2-3.232.10
2010/08/03 06:33:05 BST1 419242083736373615. 44888419.031.511.93934 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-14.2-3.132.10
2010/08/03 07:27:57 BST1 444844483732373215. 44888819.031.511.92927 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-13.9-3.432.10
2010/08/03 08:35:06 BST1 441644443688368815. 44888419.031.511.93044 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-14.0-3.032.10
2010/08/03 08:38:05 BST1 00000. UnknownAlcatel18/15ERR_STATE_TIMEOUT0.00.025.80
2010/08/03 10:19:38 BST1 438443923612361215. 44886418.031.511.95041 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-14.4-3.432.10
2010/08/03 13:19:13 BST1 444844603616361615. 44889219.031.511.95358 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-12.5-3.032.10
2010/08/03 14:08:51 BST1 432043403628362815. 44889219.031.511.94352 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-13.6-3.532.10
2010/08/03 14:34:27 BST1 432043243632363215. 44888819.031.511.94637 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-14.7-3.732.10
2010/08/03 14:36:57 BST1 00000. UnknownAlcatel18/15ERR_STATE_TIMEOUT0.0-1.615.40
2010/08/03 14:51:37 BST1 435243723636363615. 44886418.031.511.92523 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-14.2-3.832.10
2010/08/03 15:24:33 BST1 435243723692369215. 44888019.031.511.94747 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-13.9-3.932.10
2010/08/03 16:24:53 BST1 438444083636363615. 44888419.031.511.94539 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel237/104ERR_LOS_LIMIT-14.7-3.332.10
2010/08/03 16:57:23 BST1 432043323668366815. 44888419.031.511.900 G.DMT Annex AAlcatel236/104N/A-14.4-3.832.10


DSL Details

Down Up
Modem Type:Built in modem - ADSL
DSL Line (Wire Pair):Line 1 (inner pair)
Current DSL Connection:
Rate:4320 kbs448 kbs
Max Rate:4320 kbs884 kbs
Noise Margin:15.0 dB19.0 dB
Attenuation:53.1 dB31.5 dB
Output Power:19.6 dBm11.9 dBm

Protocol:G.DMT Annex A
DSLAM Vendor InformationCountry: {3840} Vendor: {ALCB} Specific: {0 }
ATM PVC:0/38

Rate Cap:4320 kbs
Attenuation @ 300kHz:53.1 dB
Uncanceled Echo:-14.4 dBOk
VCXO Frequency Offset:-3.8 ppmOk
Final Receive Gain:32.1 dBOk
Impulse Noise Comp. Tones:0Ok
Excessive Impulse Noise:0Ok

Traffic Statistics

Bytes Packets Errors % Cells Errors %
IP Traffic

ATM Traffic

DSL Link Errors

Collected for 1Day8:50:20

Reset 24-hr int. 15-min int. Last Event
 SinceCurrentCurrentTime Since
Last Event
Cell Header Errors275291110:04:29
Loss of cell Delineation207168810:04:29

Link Retrains:30800:40:06
DSL Training Errors:4202:28:02
Training Timeouts:0000:00:00
Loss of Framing Failures:431400:40:06
Loss of Signal Failures:461400:40:06
Loss of Power Failures:0000:00:00
Loss of Margin Failures:461400:40:06
**bleep**. Seconds w/Errors:58121610:04:29
**bleep**. Sec. w/Severe Errors:471400:40:06
Corrected Blocks:5644178050:00:47
Uncorrectable Blocks:281294220:04:29
DSL Unavailable Seconds:5824148400:36:31

For **bleep**. read cumulative.

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Re: Frequent disconnections

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Like it was before BTw fixed the margin below threshold in April maybe?


Looks like your deffo under line management again.


If all's well at home, as you said before (April) ....


I reckon you may be looking at a pairs change matey.  😉


Looks and sounds like an HR line fault to me, and even the Openreach guys will admit they;re not easy to find.


You might get lucky with a pairs change though .....


(Glad you bought the "sound of silence" album  😉 )

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Re: Frequent disconnections

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Cheers Roger.

The IP Profile is up and down as well.

Down to 1700 yesterday as I would expect with all the dropouts.

Back up to 3500 today, not what I'd expect with all the dropouts.

Latest speed test result below.

The assured rate test looks a bit odd.



Test1 comprises of two tests

1. Best Effort Test: -provides background information.

Download  Speed
3239 Kbps
0 Kbps7150 Kbps
Max Achievable Speed
 Download speedachieved during the test was - 3239 Kbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 600-7150 Kbps.
 Additional Information:
 Your DSL Connection Rate :4384 Kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 448 Kbps(UP-STREAM)
 IP Profile for your line is - 3500 Kbps

2. Assured Rate Test: -provides background information.

Download Speed
2517 Kbps
0 Kbps600 Kbps
Max Achievable Speed
 Download speedachieved during the test was - 2517 Kbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 576-600 Kbps.
 Additional Information:
 Assured Rate IP profile on your line is - 600 Kbps
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Re: Frequent disconnections

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As a matter of interest, have you got another router to try?


(not that it'd make much difference where line faults are concerned, but it would discount the old router firmware)


I did wonder whether "your fixed settings" had been over-ridden by dslam/msan software upgrades, to do with changes in the network (21cn and stuff).


(Deep thoughts only, no evidence to support, thinking out loud really )


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Re: Frequent disconnections

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Have already tried 2 Bt Homehubs. Both V2 type A but they both kept disconnecting.

I know there not great but there the only other routers I've got.


My exchange as no date for 21cn.


General Information
Exchange name: Exchange code: Location: Postcode: Maps: Serves (approx):
Ashby De La Zouch
Leicestershire East Midlands
Our map | Multimap | Streetmap
5,933 residential premises
401 non-residential premises.
Broadband availability overview
ADSL: SDSL: LLU services: Cable: Wireless:
BT Wholesale information
ADSL status: ADSL Max status: SDSL status: 21CN WBC status: FTTC status:
Enabled as of 31/01/2001
Enabled as of 31/03/2006
Not available
Not available
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Re: Frequent disconnections

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Plugged the router back into the test socket. Will monitor overnight and feed back. Don't look good though as it dropped the connection within 10 mins.

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